John Smallman – SAUL- Sink thankfully into that loving energy field

Your awareness of the divine energies enveloping the Earth is growing daily and enabling you to strengthen your intent to be visible bearers of the light.  Your presence and the intent that you hold are essential aspects of humanity’s awakening process, and are the reason that you are on Earth at this most significant moment in her history.  Do not allow any doubts or anxieties about your worth or abilities to distract you from your light-bearing task – because it isessential.  The effects that your prayers and enlightened intentions are having all across the planet are extremely powerful, even though you probably have no personal sense of this.  Just accept that what you are doing by holding the light could not be done by anyone but you.  Your energy signatures, expressed through the lives you are leading, are brilliant, beautiful, and quite remarkable to behold, and you are greatly respected for the choices you made to be incarnate at this point in Earth’s evolution.

As you live through each day, take a minute every hour or so to renew your intent to behave in a kindly and gentle fashion at all times, and intend to meld that intent with those of all other light-holders.  This is a very powerful way to strengthen and intensify the effectiveness of all light-holders, because it amplifies the divine energy field embracing you and willing all to awaken.  Humanity’s path to awakening has, over the last three or four decades, grown into a multilane superhighway to Heaven, which all can and will join, and from which there are no exits!  Having joined it you are led inexorably to your divine destination.

Humanity’s “adventure” in the illusion has been long and painful, and it has taught you that separation from God is a state that, were it possible, should not even be momentarily contemplated because of the extreme and infinite grief that it would cause, way beyond the horrors of the hell with which some religions threaten their adherents.

There is only God’s divine Reality, in which all of creation has its ecstatic and eternal existence, so there is absolutely no need for any alternative options, as none of them could provide anything you could possibly desire.  Nothing else is necessary or could ever be necessary. . . end of story! The illusion was an insane attempt to offer something that Reality could not, and you will never again experience the unmitigated horrors that many of you experience in that non-existent state.  It has been filled with the preposterous hopes and desires of a completely demented mind, which are followed inevitably by the excruciating shock of utter disappointment.  Its time is over, and you will release your attachment to it as you awaken into infinite peace and joy, with the wisdom to accept and embrace your eternal state of indissoluble Union with God.

Your moment of awakening is near.  The joy and happiness that will envelop you as it occurs is far beyond your ability to conceive as you continue for a short while more to experience the severely limited capabilities imposed on you by your choice to cloak yourselves in human bodies.  This illusory state was an exceedingly ill-thought-out idea you had conceived and then developed, because it appeared to offer you interesting and varied experiences unavailable in Reality. As you are now aware, it has been catastrophic as you have fought with, killed, and tortured one another.  But there is no “other”!  You are One!  It is not surprising that it has been painful because you have been attacking – yourself! Fortunately, of course, it is only a nightmare – horrendous, yes, but completely unreal.

Accelerate your movement towards awakening by focusing on the divine flame that burns continuously within each of you.  See only that, and not the illusory human failings that your bodily senses respond to.  And focus on the abundance of love it offers you at all times.  You are surrounded by God’s divine energy field into which you can allow yourselves to sink luxuriously, or which you can continue to resist for a short while longer.  Is it not a no-brainer?  Relax, accept, and sink thankfully into that loving energy field in preparation for your magnificent, grand awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul channeled by John Smallman via

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