Kauilapele – Speaking Only for My Self…”I Don’t Have to Know Everything” (and Thank God for that)

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This may seem a strange post, but there have been a lot of emails and some comments on this blog and many others I’ve read lately, that seem to be like “arguments”. They sometimes go like this:

  • Person A: Because X wrote this, I believe it.
  • Person B: Well, that X is wrong because I read Y, and they said something different.
  • Person A: Well, we all know Y is a member of the Illuminati, and their information is always wrong.
  • Person B: But how could that be? Where is the evidence?
  • Person A: X is part of the Galactic Federation, so they’re always right.
  • Person B: Well, that Galactic Federation stuff is all bogus, so X can’t be right.
  • Person A: But you’re thinking of the “Galactic Federation of Light”, and they’re all reptilians from Sirius.
  • Person B: Where’s the evidence for that?
  • Person A: Well, X said so.
  • Person B: Show me the evidence. Where are your facts??? I need to know.

And so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and seems like FOREVER.

All I can say about “needing to know” is, from my view, this: “JUST FORGET ABOUT IT”. Having to KNOW everything, that is.

And you’ve heard these questions, and arguments. “What’s happening here? What’s happening there? Why is Obama sending troops here? Why are the Fulfords and Wilcocks and Nidles and Noodles and SaLuSas saying all this stuff? Where’s the data? Where’s the news reports? JUST GIVE ME EVIDENCE!!! Then I’ll believe all this Ascension stuff.”

For my own self, I have come to understand that if want to move ahead, towards this “Ascension stuff”, I need to let go of that “need to know”. And at this point in my journey, I feel that I have let go of that “need”. A “need to know” to me, is a “pain”. That famous, “Need to know”. What a pain in the ‘knows’.

In my life at this time, I have NO (that means ZERO) “need to know” ANYTHING. Anything that’s happening on this 3D only on the surface of this planet typical human affairs. That is not my world.

What I “care” to know, is this:

“What is that Inner Voice telling me now? Take a walk? Take a rest? Eat some poi? Go here? Go there? Fly to Egypt? Spend time with the kitties?”

Some people call this “Listening to Guidance”. Others might call it, “Listening to the Holy Spirit”. Or “Attuning to the Galactics”. Whatever it is called, to me it simply means tuning in to a Level Higher than that of the 3D-only level of this planet, and its 3D-is-the-only-thing-that-matters cultures (or groups within those cultures… you know what I mean) and concepts. There is more and more and more to it than all that.

All I can say is, it’s a hell of a lot more fun to “let go of the need to know” on that 3D-only level, and “Listen to and follow that Higher Guidance.”

A what a relief it is!

This is from one former “need to know it all and scared sh#!-less if he didn’t” human to, perhaps (hopefully), not too many others…

2 responses to “Kauilapele – Speaking Only for My Self…”I Don’t Have to Know Everything” (and Thank God for that)

  1. You read my mind! My thoughts, exactly. ❤

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