Letting go of Collective and Individual Crutches

Hello friends, I am Wes Annac. I am delighted to be posting this on Lucas’ wonderful blog, thanks again Lucas!! 🙂

It seems very clear that in a significantly short amount of time, we have went through many ‘energy gates’ that have seen us growing and discovering ourselves more and more and in deeper ways. We have been passing through gate after gate of energy as our bodies continue to adjust to the higher energies we are continuing to embody. As this happens, naturally on a more personal level we are finding ourselves in very difficult positions. We are now reaching a point, collectively and individually, where it is time to examine the many things that make up our consensus reality and decide what needs to go.

Look at the protests going on around the world, be them occupy-related or otherwise. As the higher energies have enveloped us more and more, collectively we are looking at our planet and deciding what can no longer be tolerated. As a planet we have been quite complacent about the endless corruption that operates right out in the open, but the new cosmic energies hitting us daily and on important synchronostic dates have resulted in many of us realizing just how badly we have been duped by the one percent. We are collectively examining the state this world is in, and we are getting rid of what doesn’t work for us. Instead of looking outward by letting shady governments and corporations decide the fate of this world, we are turning inward to ourselves and eachother, the 99 percent to take back this world. Now, a recurring theme in our ascension is that what is expressed outward in all of us collectively, is also expressed inward by each of us individually.

The ‘cleaning up’ if you will that is occuring outwardly with all of these protests is also a process that is manifesting itself for each and every one of us individually, and boy is it difficult. For so very long on this world we have let the outward governments and corporations make decisions for us, and much the same we have, individually, turned to outward material possesions or highs for our happiness. When I say highs, I obviously don’t mean with just drugs and alcohol. Virtually anything on this world can trigger in us a stimulated response, a bit of a trance or high. Watching TV produces a trance state in us as we let the television dumb down our brainwaves. Eating unhealthy, yet quite tasty foods produces a stimulated response in us that we do get a bit of a kick or high off of. I could go on forever. Turning to outward material possesions individually can be likened immensly to letting outward corporations and governments run our world quite unfairly for us. Either way, with either issue, complacency is involved. These new energies we are assimilating are serving to eradicate complacency in us, be it collectively or individually.

It is clear that we are collectively standing up for ourselves, letting the corporations and governments know that their outward influence over us is over. Just as we are getting rid of the outward influences collectively, it is so very important that we now personally eradicate the outward influence that material possesions can and usually do hold over us. This is much, much more difficult than it sounds, and is something I am struggling with (struggling with sounds a bit victim-ish, I’d say working on) even as I write about it. To truly get rid of all unhealthy outside influences, we must ground ourselves fully in spirit, in our own spirituality and Divinity. This is easier said than done my friends. Imagine having a day full of meditation, quiet contemplation and stillness, prayer and overall Living within. Many are in fact already doing this, but for those of us who are used to a day full of television, unhealthy eating, ego-based criticisms of all we see around us, and for some of us crutches such as drugs/alcohol it can and is very difficult. Even still, it is one very important and necessary step in our respective ascension paths.

It will be and is hard, but you can do it–I know you can!! The most important thing in enacting this method of Living is to be in immense appreciation for all you have around you, even if you feel you don’t have very much. Staying heart-centered and Living in Love will make this next step much less difficult. It will be so very worth it!!! 🙂

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