A Nice Sunny Day – Autumn – 23 October 2011 – Lucas

The day began with a nice  autumn sunny Sunday as I was bathing in the golden light.  I was taking a walk into the city park. The light made the first colours of the new season shine bright yellow, red , orange and green. In the cold 11 degrees it felt like 20 with the sun in my back. Walking my mind sank away into thinking mode as my thoughts about all this beauty as a gift to us came into my mind.

STOP…………… This is not a beautiful story about the beautiful things in this moment. What  I really saw and thought where those awful things that happened to all those people in the world.  By the hand of still some dark ones or by the hand of nature cleansing itself before its ascension.  A friend of mine in Asia who has been evacuated now trough the flooding came into my mind. Then the words of a video and the comments of some great souls came into my mind. They warned about us being naive and thinking that the Occupy movement wouldn’t  be infiltrated or being targeted to take over by the last dark ones.  I thought about the book of  the Starfish and the spider about leaderless movements and being so strong trough not being organized.

So a nice Autumn Sunday became a reflection on things going on in this world in the now. A reflection on the notice we are living in a matrix. A created 3D world that is vanishing into 4D to become the ascended 5D end product that was intended by its master. We are changing with it in all levels. We are feeling the mood swings, the changes in thinking, in eating, sleeping, in energy. We see the worlds people awaken from its sleep. The truth of all in this duality experience will be known to us.  We are soon to see the new reality first in our friends from the heavens and stars manifesting themselves before us. As they did over time and on purpose in peaks to let us know that they were with us. The people of the world fighting in peaceful protest for their rights that were unlawful taken from them will see the changes taken place. Not a dark cabal NWO world but a new world that is truly for all and for the good of all.

The world will see that a new government truly representing the people (not a corporation). The world will see the new financial systems over the world, abolishing the debt structures and spreading the wealth over all people of the world. We will see lots more like having no more famine, homelessness, hunger and sickness.  So the Autumn Sunny Sunday will end in a happy ending. Let us know we create with our intentions, thoughts and focus. If we focus for the better and see already that what is promised to us in front of us in the now we will see that things will move forward even faster as we co-create. Let us enjoy further this beautiful day and see the heavens already manifest itself before us.

Love and Light,


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