Regarding 2012, What Must We Do? Repost

Regarding 2012, What Must We Do? Repost. by Steve Beckow via original post 30th June 2010, repost 22 October 2011

Greetings from our friendly neighbors here to help us with the ride

June 30, 2010

A new reader to the site has just asked if there is anything one needs to do or say around the scenario we expect in 2012.

That’s a good question and the answer would depend, I suppose, on what one has been doing and saying until now.

Let me presuppose that one has not been stealing, brawling, raping, and pillaging because, if one has been, well, there’s probably much to do.

But let’s assume that you’ve led a decent, upstanding life. Then I’d say, at the risk of being simplistic, there’s probably not much to do.

Except to open in love and acceptance to as many people as you can and to complete one’s old issues.

Beyond that, you’ll probably find it relatively easy.

The scenario unfolding before our eyes is not some kind of cultish event, just for “the elect,” or for those who give a million dollars to a cause. It’s nothing like that, not even in the same conversation or universe.

We’ve all seen plenty of programs by televangelists in which the audience is traumatized by hearing that they will burn in hell if they don’t do this or that. Please, put everything you’ve heard from sources like that out of your mind.

There are no gimmicks here. No one is trying to control you or rob you or make you afraid. Quite the contrary.

What is occurring is that we as a planet are being liberated from the dead hand of an elite that has controlled us since before the time of the Mohammed, Jesus, or Buddha – or even much further back than that.

This is not steeplechase or boot camp or a 20-mile marathon. A period in the Earth’s history is wrapping up and everyone who’s led a decent life will travel with the planet to a higher-vibrational level. Anyone who wishes to go is welcome to go and will have full assistance to iron out any wrinkles that would make the ride a little bumpy.

All are welcome – white, black, pink, blue, God-worshipper, agnostic, atheist (yes, even atheists). If one can hold the higher vibration, one has the price of admission. There is no desire or attempt to exclude anyone. One can exclude oneself by choosing not to join in the fun but no one is going to stand in your way if you’re capable of holding the higher energies of light and love. And what’s wrong with that?

Now there may be people who themselves think in exclusionist ways. They may be saying right now “Atheists? Rubbish!” I can’t help that. That’s us speaking and not the Company of Light that’s managing the transition to the higher levels. They love all universally and unreservedly. It’s only we who don’t.

What Company of Light? Well, if I told you, we’d be right away in the thick of it. You see, we’ve been told that they don’t exist. Angels, galactic beings, people who’ve made the transition we call “death” – none of them exist, right? Well, now that’s a problem because they do.

If I told you that Archangel Michael is playing a leading role in things, or that Jesus and Buddha will be returning as part of the whole scenario, or that enlightened beings from Arcturus, Sirius and the Pleiades are here, how would you react?

So why don’t we leave the specifics till later. All you need to know for now, until they arrive in the not-so-distant future, is that everything’s laid on. The details are all worked out. All is a Divine Plan that affects not only Earth but this universe we’re in, and there’s nothing connected with it that you need fear. You don’t fear your grandmother or grandfather, do you? Well, we’re about to be joined by family too, our cosmic grandmothers and grandfathers, we could say.

Once we get past these last remaining weeks and months during which the global elite is causing mayhem in the world, we’ll begin preparing for a world-uplifting event, a global transformation. There isn’t a chance that you won’t know about it, be assisted in all the necessary details, or “fail the course.” If you’re a decent and upstanding individual who wants to come along for the ride, you must succeed. All arrangements have been made to see you do.

So never mind a vacation in the Paradise of the Pacific or a guaranteed retirement or freedom from debt. This new life that opens up before us is beyond your wildest imaginings and cannot but turn out better than you could possibly expect.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Once the plane taxis down the runway, I’m certain that everything for your comfort, safety, and enjoyment will be provided.

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