Ellie Miser – Clone Update – 24 October 2011

Ellie Miser: clone update 24th Oct. 2011.via 2012IndyInfo.com by Laura Tyco

My  friends,

I have had a strong  urge lately to write a note of appreciation – and closure? – to all who have  touched my life with their friendship, encouragement and support – both moral  and financial – words cannot express the feeling of love and gratitude that has  welled up in my heart with each note from you dear ones!  How blessed I am!  May each of you be filled with the  highest vibration of Love and Light at this moment as I  am!

I have been asked why  I have had such a simple life, a life of struggle, seeing as I am a “king’s  kid”, so to speak.  It would seem my  mother and I should have been living a life of ease, but we had to keep a low  profile for security reasons as there have been those who would have done us  harm if they could find us – we are of the royal family of 5D Pleiades and those  who would seek us out would expect us to be living like royalty, yes?

However, toward the  end of my mission, I had permission to receive some financial relief through  friends who agreed on a higher level to step forward to take as much stress off  my clones as possible so as to prolong the life force of these bodies until my  Earth mission is completed.  They have done miracles as far as I am  concerned.  And their good deeds have not gone unnoticed and will be  rewarded!

A  friend asked: Two important dates are in front of us: the 10.28 and the  11.11. Will these dates affect you? 

I have no idea if the  dates mentioned will affect me but I wouldn’t be surprised!  This body is  feeling its age and surely its time will be up before the end of this  year.  I have been telling my kids I may not be here for Thanksgiving  dinner this year (11/24), just in case.  When I ask Plen, as I am talking  with my friend who can see and hear him, Plen doesn’t say anything, just crosses  his arms in front of him with palms down as if to say “cool it – don’t sweat it – all is going as it needs to be”.

After I leave, I will  try to send a thought to my friends who may linger a while longer on Earth to  continue their important Light work, to let them know I made it and can still be  in touch. I will continue my spiritual work from the ship until I am no longer  needed here, then will return to my home planet in the Pleiades after a big  reunion celebration – I expect to see each of you there!  Not to worry – you won’t miss the party – it couldl be ongoing for at least a century in Earth time.  HA!

As we have been told  from various sources, depending on each person’s contract and desires, some will  go up to the ships physically – some will just go into higher dimensions  (vibration) in spirit and then manifest the body of their choice, depending on  their next assignment and destination.  I may transfer directly into my  Pleiadian body and this one could be vaporized, I don’t know what to expect but  Plen says don’t worry about it.  It will be taken care of and my children  know I may disappear at any time so they will not be too surprised.

On 11/22, around  11:11 p.m., I was sitting at the computer when I felt a very strange energy  surround me – I felt like I was being transported – not an unpleasant feeling at  all – I didn’t get nauseated this time.  Maybe it was a test to see if I  could be lifted physically since this body is supposed to be “improved and  modified”.  I am doing okay so far  except for a lot of pain in my legs – most likely from sitting in front of this  computer for hours on end without taking breaks – Plen is doing the best he can  to keep the pain down but it is almost more than he can keep up with. I expect  to be fussed at about my computer addiction after initial hugs and such! ha

A word of caution,  speaking from experience: be very careful with your thoughts as they DO  create!  Think positive!  If you have a negative thought forming,  stop it immediately and change it into a positive one!  I know what I am talking about!  We ARE  co-creators!

Every flaw in my  original body was in the memory of each cell that was duplicated in my clone #1,  and those flaws began manifesting faster and stronger by my thoughts and fears  until it became too impure to continue functioning, even with the purging and  purifying Plen did when he made the clone. Thus clone #2 was called into action  but it, too, is deteriorating rapidly, mostly because I can’t stop thinking  about what was happening, or could happen, or expected to happen with my  original body but it was designed for very short term use so not expected to  last as long as clone #1, which lasted 11 months.

Do positive  affirmations, meditations, everything you can to take focus off aging, disease,  etc.  Live in the moment and in that  moment,know that you are in good health, have all your needs, are loved  and blessed! Your life will be more peaceful and fulfilled – one moment at a  time!  Don’t focus on things or  situations you cannot change – put your energy into what CAN be changed!  Don’t forget to smile a lot!  It can be  addictive!

I can’t think of  anything left unsaid so will close with a reminder to live in the NOW – don’t  worry – be happy – all is as it should be!  Walk in Love/Light/Peace and Balance! Stay centered and grounded – until  you can fly!  To God be the  glory!


ellie (Amppa from the  Pleiades)

PS: My son, Jerry  (whose 54th birthday was yesterday – the 23rd), just came in from outside saying  the yard is filled with robins, the crepe myrtle is in bloom and a bush in front  of our kitchen window has white blossoms all over it!  With no green leaves!  HA!  I would say nature is quite confused by  all this rain and sunshine we have had lately.  As most of you know, we live in central  Oklahoma so we get quite a mix of weather but so much milder than states around  us. Have a glorious day!

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