Wes Annac – A Short Message from the Ascended Masters -24 October 2011

Feel your energetic bodies coming online at this time. Feel your guides and spiritual brethren with you at this very moment to help you remember your true roots. Feeling is the essence of creating dear souls. To truly understand something, one must be able to feel it. Knowing and understanding take one only so far, feeling is what truly brings your awareness of the bounties of Life to you. Know that you are infinitely loved beyond measure, and feel this Love that you are graced with at every moment. Feel every moment as it passes by you, and feel all that is coming through your hollowed-out spirit and body complexes.

Feel the changes you have been undergoing. Feel the glimpses of the future you are all receiving. Feel your ascended selves flowing freely throughout Creation. Feel the whimsicle Joy of being truly free. Feel your freedom dear souls, the very same freedom we enjoy and are delighted to share with you. Feel the all-knowing, all-Loving essence of the higher dimensions. Feel not only the Love, but the support that is offered to you on Earth from these higher realms. We reside in these higher realms, and we enjoy existing peacefully with those ascended aspects of yourselves, what you would refer to as your higher selves. Feel yourself as this aspect of yourself, the part of yourself that has long ascended and is now growing and learning on deeper and deeper levels. Feel the infinitely mighty yet Loving soul that is you; for you are the Creator, and the Creator is you. Feel this dear souls – and we will be with you shortly.

As you feel all of this, you embody it into yourself, into your reality. Feel yourself embodying the higher dimensions and transforming your reality into these higher realms. Your reality was created by you in these heavenly realms, and it is now to once again merge with and become the higher dimensions we all know of as Home. Feel us – for we are with you at all times.

We Love you so very much dear souls.

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

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