Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve – Become A Peace Factory

The Council of Twelve via Radio Ann: Become a peace factory.

The time is very close indeed that a sea change will occur in the mass consciousness. Prepare yourselves, ground yourselves, and be ready for all manner of changes. Some will be most welcome, some may cause consternation. Take each day as it comes and don’t worry about the future, which is an illusion. There is never anything but the present moment. And each of you is capable of handling the present moment. 
There is nothing you can’t handle. It’s all experience, and that’s what you came to this life for. Everything that happens is grist for the mill. If you process your experience with love, the end product is light. Light and love. You’ve heard of spinning straw into gold? The real alchemy is turning your everyday experiences into light and love.

In the history of the world, humanity has turned its experience into greed, blood, lust for power and fear, but now there is an opportunity to re-tool the factory, as it were. You can make anything. Why not make light, love, prosperity and happiness? Fortunately, the stars are in alignment to support such a shift. The shift will happen anyway. We’re simply encouraging you to make the most of the situation. That way, with your conscious participation and direction, we can make the world exponentially more effective and workable for the largest number of people. You will do yourselves and the world a great service by consciously committing to your own world peace; that is to say, your inner peace. Breathe in the energy that is available to you as never before, transmute it into your own enlightenment and breathe it out for the rest of the planet. Become a peace factory with every breath you take. Shine on with love and light. If you’re feeling a little down, just smile and soon you’ll feel like smiling. Your friends, the Council of Twelve.

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