Wes Annac – As Karma Leads us Ever Onward…

Link to original article by Wes Annac via http://www.aquariuschannelings.com                    25th  October 2011

Well, here we are, nearly at the end of a very long and difficult journey. In a few days will see the closing of one of our most important cycles of evolution, and with the completion of this cycle will come so very many Divine manifestations of the Love and Light we are allowing to flow through our beings. The 10.28 is to be a very important date, as are the days that will follow. Our friends have been talking endlessly of the many new and expanding energy portals that are being opened at this time, and many Divine sources have explained just what the energies we are absorbing are, what these energy portals are and how we play into the energy being sent to Earth in increasing purity.

You see, we have all been transmuting the last bit of karma that we worked up through very many Lives. As has been explained before, when we clear out what we have hosted for so very long, our spirit complexes become hollow and ready to receive new energies. The lower energies we have been immersed in for so very long have had a bit of a leeching effect; the low vibrations attached to our experiences has left a residue in our auric fields and in our spirit complexes. This karmic residue is cleared through the experiences we have. Some of these experiences we have a tendency to label bad, and clearing the karmic residue usually involves going through something we would deem unpleasant.

Much the opposite, when we experience good karma coming back our way, it is usually manifested through a positive event that makes us feel good, and in turn fills our spirit complex with more good energy, with higher vibrations of Joy. We have been working endlessly to clear the very prevalent lower vibrational energy that we are constantly bombarded with on Earth, and to successfully cleanse these energies outwardly we must first make sure we are happy inwardly. We must make sure our spirit complex, the true essence of our being is in a state of Joy, in a state of higher vibrations before we will be able to spread that Love and Joy to other, outward aspects of our Creation. We are all existing together, in the same universal matrix though we are experiencing different timelines.

Your experience of Earth may be completely different then the experience of even those close to you. While many of us are feeling the higher dimensions merging with our reality, those who are not feeling this are shifting into a state of discomfort as the low vibrations they have been so comfortable in seem to be disappearing. Many are in very fragile states of change at this time, so much so that even the seemingly most insignificant depression can bring one down into very low depths of struggle, where Love seems very far away. That is why it is our job to make sure those around us are happy and balanced in any way we can; but of course only give help if the help is appreciated by those around you. Again, to be able to make others happy we must first feel happy ourselves, as otherwise the effort is given no backing, nothing to support it.

I have seen glimpses of the Ascended Earth we are heading to, and I have to say that even from my current tired and drained perspective, I am positive all of our efforts are going to be worth it. When you begin to feel this new realm for yourself, and many of you have and will continue to, you will understand exactly what I mean, for you will feel what I mean. The higher dimensions of Earth are so very Joyful, are filled with much beauty and waves of sound, light and color, that I feel I cannot effectively communicate just how wonderful all of it is. Not to mention the extremely increased purity of the violet flame energies coming in through our spirit complexes as we invite them in and allow them to purify our bodies as they pass through us. Everything is getting turned up, and this includes the experiences we have that we would label difficult.

We are at the final challenges. We are clearing the last bit of negative karma, but at a very rapid rate. This is why our experiences are seeming to intensify as everything gears up for change. We have made it, and there is no turning back. Once we clear this one last, albeit noticeably tall hurdle, our feet will be firmly planet on the ascension timeline. I will see you there!!

Comment by Lucas: Thanks Wes 🙂

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