Got A Feeling……….. – Lucas – 27 October 2011

The resonating title of the music by the Black Eyed Peas. I can hear the music  in my ear ringing. I Got A Feeling…………….. What is that all about.

Yes, it is about “Feeling”. No it is all about feeling. We have  to hear ourselves  say, I got a feeling and I feel it or this. This is all about the knowledge that we have to move away from. Our thinking has to change into feeling . We have to  step into the new world and feel again the way we were as little children. They live in the now moment. They can have experienced a thing in the now and forget what happened in a blink of an eye and experience further without judging, thinking back and suffer what ever things not they did. You did to yourself. You have the control of letting go of suffering and back experiences or pain.

Yes. We need to be feeling that again . Feel how you did cry as a child for a moment when you bumped into something and injured  your knees . You felt a moment said and soon after that you played again and laughed. In stead we do as grown ups and adults, even some lightworkers,  still remember all the nasty things that happened, the anger we grown in ourselves, the things they did to us, and what has been hurting all those years on and on. We keep it into our minds and shut it inside deep. We can’t forget and find in the now the child that already has been feeling the love and excitement of the now playing again in joy.

We rather suffer and will not let go.  That is why it is so difficult to be feeling intuitive and without thinking.  We still have to move those thinking sessions to the level of just thinking as a tool used only if needed in the now and experiencing all with our feeling.  You say I feel the sun in my back burning. I feel happy. I feel the water flowing, I feel the Joy and love of the people surrounding me. I feel what I needed to say. I feel that we need to change things.

I feel………………………..

Just don’t say I believe or I know, but I feel that it is and All is. Yes, I can feel it.

Love and Light,


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2 responses to “Got A Feeling……….. – Lucas – 27 October 2011

  1. Lucas,
    Well put! Getting down to IT with this one. You have stepped away from
    the mental New Age air headedness that traps so many in Illusion.
    I heard it from a WiseOne…”You won’t be able to think your way thru it,
    you will have to feel your way thru it”.
    Will I am, (not of BEP’s….maybe BEPeace tho :-)))

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