Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve – Chop Wood, Carry Water – 27 October 2011

The Council of Twelve via Radio Ann: Chop wood, carry water.

[Hello, Council. Many light workers—well, let’s just say people—don’t have mystical dreams, unusual sensations, visions, etc. Nothing at all out of the usual 3D experience. What comment do you have for people who are sincere seekers, who reach up with their prayers and good intentions all the time but operate on faith alone?]

This is a most excellent question. We are delighted to address it. There is nothing special about the kinds of experiences that channelers, psychics, mystics and others report. It’s like saying, “I ate spaghetti today.” Other people might not have eaten spaghetti, so they don’t know what that experience is, but they’re not insufficient in any way.

There are all kinds of paths to ascension, higher knowing, spiritual growth, whatever you want to call this process. Some people are just busy! It takes a certain orientation and frame of mind to be receptive to phenomena outside the usual spectrum. Many people are simply full up. That’s really the best, easiest explanation.

Now, if someone wishes to have “supernatural” experiences, and again, we would like to emphasize the ordinariness of that sort of thing, they can do so if they take the time to meditate, chant, sit quietly, what-have-you. It’s all within reach of everyone who wants it. The question ought to be, “Does this enhance my life, or merely clutter it?” That’s for each person to decide for him or herself. It’s a question of focus.

A person who takes care of daily life with a full, open heart is just as valuable and precious to the ascension process as someone who channels or gives psychic readings all day. Chop wood, carry water. It’s all the same to us. Just do whatever you do with love, humor, and light. What’s the saying? It’s all good! Love, The Council.

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