Wall Street Journal exposes Government Extraterrestrial Wall of Secrecy

Wall Street Journal exposes Government Extraterrestrial Wall of Secrecy. by Laura Tyco via http://www.2012IndyInfo.com

October 26, 2011

Toronto [ZNN] – Wall Street may be occupied but the prestigious Wall Street Journal is indeed ‘occupied’ by matters of the Extraterrestrial kind.

The Wall Street Journal, America’s esteemed and largest selling newspaper by circulation, has made a daring editorial decision to cover the We the People Petition to the White House to acknowledge an ET presence now engaging the planet.

In light of a precedent setting on-line article by WSJ journalist Laura Meckler, there appears to be an unambiguous move by the ownership of the WSJ [News Corporation] to expose what the government may be withholding about the matter of extraterrestrials. Her article may represent the first real attempt in contemporary mainstream journalism to expose the US government’s wall of secrecy around the UFO/ET issue and reveal the powerful political and national security implications of the UFO/ET issue.

Meckler wrote: “When the White House promised to answer citizen petitions on the most pressing problems of the day, it may not have had extraterrestrial life in mind.”

In Meckler’s interview with Stephen G. Bassett – sponsor of the ET petition, Bassett said: “The fact is that there is an extraterrestrial presence. I know this because I’m familiar with the research and a couple of hundred government witnesses have come forward in the last couple of years. Acknowledging this E.T. presence is about open government.”

Yet many still ask:

  • Might the government be asking for trouble by allowing this      petition to move into the White House and perhaps onto the desk of the      President of the United        States?
  • Will this bold effort by the WSJ be thwarted by a political      ‘end-run’ to eliminate any public discourse about government secrecy      surrounding an extraterrestrial presence that might underscore the serious      political and national security implications of America’s inability      to control what is occurring in the airspace said to      be dominated by their Air Force?
  • And – why has a US      Congressman decided not to reveal national security information in his      possession about ICBMs being compromised by craft of unknown origin over      American nuclear installations?

This precarious set of escalating questions presents a Pandora’s Box to the White House and the many intell-agencies that manage the truth embargo – one they will not want to open.

Meckler has also established that White House petition officials are bound by the terms of petition guidelines to consider those that reach 5,000 signatures. The ET petition has more than qualified. To date the ET petition has accumulated over 11,212 signatures and ranks 20thin over-all petitions.

Meckler Questions White House Officials

In the article, Meckler wrote: “Asked which official or agency would tackle the E.T. question, Mr. Phillips [director of digital strategy at the White House] said it would be decided at a meeting the next day. Asked after the meeting who drew the assignment, a spokesman said they wouldn’t be commenting until the official response is ready. What about that truth embargo? ‘You’re going to have to wait,’ Mr. Phillips said.” Political psycho-babble or clear intention to move a long a continuum of truth?

A spokesperson for an international UFO Disclosure group told ZlandCommunications“In secret vaults, scores of government documentshave been uncovered by a world-wide network of researchers leaving no doubt whatsoever – the UFO/ET matter has been discussed at the highest levels of governance for over 60 years – not only in the USA but in other major G20 countries. It is clear that America’s largest selling newspaper has opened a serious fissure in the government’s wall of secrecy; one that the government cannot renege upon. The Wall Street Journal just might be the X-Factor – tipping the fluid balance in mainstream media towards an open challenge to the US government to come clean on this issue. Obama says he advocates for ‘open government’. If his previous track record in openness is to be taken into consideration – get set for more and elaborate forms of prevarication. Let’s see if his words are where his mouth is. The next several weeks will tell if the Wall Street Journal’s volley towards the White House is a severe wound to the secrecy machinery or a mere chink in the secrecy armour.”

Who is Next?

In the USA, local CBS, NBC and ABC affiliates and larger mainstream news organizations like Fox News, CNN and the History Channel are picking up on UFO sighting reports. Does this graduated and escalating form of coverage reveal a trend in wider and more intense exposure of the UFO/ET issue?

Now that the Wall Street Journal has stepped forward – it remains to be seen which other mainstream news outlet might be next to press the White House for answers to sensitive political and national security questions behind the intense governmental secrecy concerning UFOs. Or, will government find a way to bury the massive on-line and print circulation coverage by the Wall Street Journal of the ET matter and purge this politically explosive yet burgeoning petition from the democratic process?

One can only surmise that if the venerated Wall Street Journal has taken on the political implications of the UFO/ET issue, can American television’s most prestigious and popular investigative news program, 60 Minutes on CBS be next to take up the gauntlet?

Congressman in Possession of UFO/ET Affidavits

One place to start for 60 Minutes would be the office of Republican Congressman Peter King. As reported in March 2011 byZlandCommunications, Congressman Peter King – Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee – already has in his possession sufficient national security information about the UFO/ET issue to put the White House Petition over the 25,000 mark. Seven notarized documents by former ranking military officers concerning unauthorized incursions over nuclear installations and missile shut-downs by craft of unknown origin were sent to the Congressman in December 2010 by ZlandCommunications.

These craft – according to affidavits by base launch commanders – were responsible for disabling dozens of ICBMs.

ZlandCommunications is unaware if Congressman King or any of his constituents have signed the White House ET petition or if King has made any attempt to bring these documents to the attention of the President, Congress or the Homeland Security Committee which he chairs.

On December 17, 2010 King’s legislative assistant Michele Ingwersen told ZlandCommunications“We have received your faxes and will show them to Congressman King. Thank you.” For complete details on this matter, its release to the press, or to contact Congressman King see: ZNN Press Release Peter King.

To obtain copies of notarized affidavits by former military personnel – please use the contact information below.


It stands to reason that because the White House has launched an open-government process, officials are obligated to follow their own procedures – unless they find another Machiavellian way to side-step the Extraterrestrial question – just as they’ve done for the last 64 years.

Will power and secrecy continue to reign over truth or will the crumbs of democracy that remain in the American system of government carry the day?

Read the entire article and watch an interview of Laura Meckler by Simon Constable and Wendy Barnes on the Wall Street Journal News Hub at:


To view and sign the ET Petition go to: We the People

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One response to “Wall Street Journal exposes Government Extraterrestrial Wall of Secrecy

  1. Edward William Case

    There is no question that our government has been covering up this information which if known by the community at large would result in the betterment of mankind as a whole. The sad thing is that many patriotic americans lives have been terminated by those in control of this information as we have a government within a government which is run by people who possess the money and business stature to control what information is disclosed. This truly is the most monumental issue of today and the future as we are about to enter the age of the interstellar community whether we like it or not. It has been said arrogantly so, that the masses cannot handle the truth. In truth, the government cannot handle disclosing the truth because of the fear it has over the ramifications of years of lying and deciving the public. And we call this a democracy? There is no security interest affected by an extraterrestial presence because if there was, we’d know it long ago. And if there is we will have to simply deal with it.We are not the only ones in the universe, and more accurately are more likely at the bottom of the food chain spiritually, politically, and emotionally. Once the public learns of the moon and mars structures, so called alien visits, etc. the government will have to explain away it’s fears and deceit. People can handle anything thrown at then except lies.When the arecibo crop circle message said :beware the bearers of false promises” I think they meant our government and its fraudulent efforts to keep the public in the dark. If you only knew of the number of families and lives that have been destroyed by those in control of this information you too would be appauled and embarrassed to call yourself an “American” becuase the US Constitution under the present set of circumstances means absolutely nothing to those in power, and they walk over it every day in the name of “national security”. Murder is still murder regardless of whether you are in the CIA, Navy, or other branches who have poisoned citizens, had them killed to silence them, all to protect the public from what it has a right to know-the truth!!!!!!!!!