Wes Annac – Ascension Energies and the Collective Manifestation of Miracles – 27 Oct. 2011

Well, I planned to have an update from SanJAsKa and the rest of our Pleiadian friends out today, but due to the level of tiredness I am feeling a bit of a mutual decision was made between them and I to wait until I have some more energy and can bring the information through in a more pure manner. So instead I will give a bit of a personal update and talk about the effects that the ever-increasing energies are having on us, collectively and individually. Hmmm, where to begin….

I guess we can start with that ‘hmmm’! It seems that the energies coming in really are doing a bit of a ‘housecleaning’ on our mental planes, so much so that adverse effects can and have been experienced by us. One such effect for me has been the spaced-out feeling and not really knowing what to ‘say’ as ‘saying’ is a manifestation of ‘thinking’ and I have been learning more and more to move out of the ‘thinking’ mindset and into the ‘feeling’ heart-set. As a result my messages and opinions can seem very short, when in fact it is because I am trying to express feelings through mind and words, when feelings are not meant to be tied down in such ways. This is of course just one effect on one person that these increasing energies have been having, but I’m sure many of you can relate to what I am saying here.

Another strange phenomenon has been this tired and burned out, yet extremely energized feeling I have been having during the day and night. This is something I have been talking a bit about over on the new forum, which I will talk about soon. Many have said that they can ‘feel’ the energies and emotions of those around them, and I can certainly relate to that. If somebody who is grounded in the lower vibrations is around me, I can feel their tenseness, their density and sometimes it can serve to pull me down into those very same patterns. On a larger level, I have also during the day been feeling the overall collective consciousness of all in the area I live in, which results in little ‘spiritual’ energy for me during the day. I am still able to meditate and go very deep, and am still able to communicate with our Pleiadian friends and my guides, but what I feel during the day pales in comparison to what I feel at night. 

Night has been very powerful for me as of late, and as each day passes the night becomes more and more energetic it seems. As night rolls around, I begin to feel very tired, yet so very energized at the same time. I don’t even know how to describe it! When I am up moving around at night, I feel as if I need to lay down whereas if I lay my head down on the pillow to go to sleep, all of my formerly ‘lost’ energy returns to me and then some! I suddenly feel like I need to go go go, like I need to get up and do this or that. In fact, that very feeling is why I am speaking with you tonight, for if it weren’t for the extremely energized feeling that is being pumped through me, I would be out like a light right now! It is about 1 AM here right now, and I just feel so very energized!! Yet I also feel very tired at the same time, to where I feel like if I wished to go into a deep meditation and try to say, scribe a message or a reading, I just wouldn’t have the inertia! Quite a hard feeling to describe, and I have had others tell me they are experiencing much the same symptoms.

It is my opinion that this and the many other new strange feelings and sensations I have been experiencing are in fact symptoms of my ongoing ascension process. I do feel the worst of it is behind me, as I have transmuted many of the lowest patterns of Living and thinking I had been immersed in for so long. It wasn’t easy, but it was and is so very worth it.

Now, I would like to examine how these energies are affecting us as a collective.

I don’t really think this needs to be said, but just look at all of the protests across the world right now! Here in the US, it all seemed to begin with Occupy Wall Street, and now the protests have spread far and wide to nearly every city!! I know I tend to talk more about the protests going on in the United States then in the rest of the world, and it is not simply because that is where I Live. No, the growing protests in the US are very significant for me because the citizens of the United States have been some of the most spiritually repressed and controlled people in the world. Yes, we are very fortunate to have running water and food (those of us who can afford it, which are not many anymore) but we have been so very controlled through materiality and the typical ‘american’ attitude. This attitude is centered around materiality, around thinking America is the best country to ever exist and is God’s gift to the world, and that people from other countries are to be looked at as ‘different’. The fact that so many here in the US have awakened from this very convincing illusion is quite significant in my eyes. But, I need not devote this whole post to that one subject, so lets move on.

Clearly the increasingly pure energies are manifesting on our world through those who are now in protest, who are refusing to be walked all over anymore. These movements are starting up everywhere and in different forms, and it is not just protests that are seeing groups of souls galvanize together and spread the Light, in fact something has happened very recently in our own spiritual backyard. I am not going to get too specific as I am sure many of you will know what I am talking about, so I will be general.

There has been a place on our internet, where very many souls got together in a forum setting and chatted with each other about ascension, spirituality and any other related topics. The souls on this ‘forum’ came from all walks of Life, all different countries and were all brought up with different mindsets and views on what Life is. The main thing that drew all of these souls together was their collective interest in ascension and in returning Home to our Heavenly planes of Living. Sure, there were disagreements on this forum, but they were what helped us (these souls) learn and grow from each other as individual aspects of our One Infinite Creator.

Slowly but surely, a sub-group of souls emerged from this overall group, who decided that their opinions should never be disagreed with, for any reason. Ever. These souls were very influential on this forum, so much so that they even had the moderators and overseers of the forum on ‘their side’. These souls preached separation and bullied others, but for the most part nobody wanted to say anything as they did not want to start a conflict with this sub-group who would then get them ‘in trouble’ with the moderators who were under the influence of this sub-group. It can be likened in many ways to the current situation on our world. I would say it is a smaller representation of the overall situation we have right now on Earth. Just like the small yet powerful sub-group on this form whose influence was NOT to be questioned, we have a small (1%) yet quite powerful sub-group of souls on Earth who have declared themselves rulers, and their influence and propaganda was NOT to be questioned.

Finally, on this forum many were beginning to see this sub-group and its perceived ‘leader’ for what they really were and begun to stand up for themselves against the sub-group, just as so many on Earth are now realizing how they have been unfairly taken advantage of by the 1% or ‘sub-group’ of this world, and are now standing up. I am one of those who stood up against the ones who were bullying others and getting away with it, as they seemed to have the approval of the forum moderators. As I and many others stood up, so did even more begin to stand up against this group. As a result, nearly every member who posted regularly on the forum was banned, myself included. People who didn’t really have anything to do with the conflict, were banned, showing even them the favoritism that was and is still represented on this particular forum. As we stood up, it seemed we were knocked right back down. But it only seemed this way.

Much the same as how so many were banned from that forum, many in protest across our world have been dealing with very unfair actions from police forces. Look up what has been happening in Oakland, it is so very sad. Or is it? Perhaps, just as with the forum, these actions are to be expected as every soul involved clears their own aspect of the karma in relation to these events. As this karma gets cleared through these seemingly bad events, miracles begin to manifest, and this was proven to me and to everybody else who was banned from that forum for standing up for ourselves and not letting ourselves be bullied. The idea manifested to have at least some of us who were banned, meet up on a new internet forum on a different site. Those who had the original idea had no idea just how powerful this would be. Nearly every member who was banned from the old forum, moved over to this new forum!

Nearly all of us have reconnected, in a new place where we can discuss freely our ascension matters, without the pervasive egos and thebullying by the few in the aforementioned ‘sub-group’ on the other forum. Those in that group are now only able to quarrel with themselves, as the rest of us have moved on from the dense energies of arguing, bullying and humiliating others that those few souls still seem to be so very entrenched in. Even souls who were banned long ago for disagreeing with the sub-group have found us on the new forum, and it has been nothing short of completely wonderful!! We manifested a huge miracle in all of us coming together on the new forum, and much the same way this played out for us, the unfair actions of the one-percent will make clear just how dastardly they are, and humanity will come together and leave the pervasive influence of that ‘sub-group’ that is the one-percent! We would Love to see anybody who is reading this over on the new forum, and it is growing every day. We will be posting under the latest SaLuSa messages, and we hope to see ya there!

So, that is about all I have to say for now. It has been made very clear that we are beginning to collectively manifest miracles, be it through the smaller soul-groups of us that are uniting together, or through humanity uniting together as One. I have said it before and I will happily say it again, this is only the beginning!! :)

Wes Annac

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