Maybe I’m Feeling It Strong Right Now…”13 Crystal Skulls Ceremony”

Maybe I’m Feeling It Strong Right Now…”13 Crystal Skulls Ceremony”. by Kauilapele 27 October 2011 via

Maybe I’m Feeling It Strong Right Now…”13 Crystal Skulls Ceremony”

I have not felt much like writing a lot this day. Even though several posts came through yesterday, today was a “blah”-like day. So when the title says, “Maybe I’m Feeling It Strong Right Now”, probably means “the energies”. Those infamous “energies”.

Very strong draw to go to the ocean at Pu’uhonua o Honaunau and be there during the 11:11 AM time. Who knows exactly why. Most of the time I can’t tell what is up or down with these things. Only knowing that I have to go.

Actually, though, I did know that what was being done today was somehow connected to the start of the 13 crystal skulls journey from New York City, to Los Angeles. So there. [here is a link to another descriptive page about the journey; and here is a link to the 13 crystal skulls prophecy]

And I was in the water during the 11:11 time. And was there doing whatever, not knowing what I was doing, but then all of a sudden, it “hit” me, that there was a ceremony and a few words to say in harmony with the 13 crystal skulls journey. I do not recall what I said, or what I did, except that I was simply stopped in the water and treading water for a couple minutes.

It was refreshing.

This coming 11-1-11 and 11-11-11 dates are somehow also “significant”, meaning large energy surges coming through portals all over the place, all over the planet. That series of 11 days, it feels as if there is a major gateway being opened (enlarged, brightened, expanded, accelerated) on each continent, and within each ocean.

There are probably other things to say, in a couple days, but right now there are no more points coming out.

Aloha to all.

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