Wes Annac – (My experience with) The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes

Ok, I have proved time and time again that I am not good at taking a break. (Every time I post saying I am taking a brake I usually end up making a long post afterwards anyway!) Remembering this experience I had, I feel I need to share it with you all. I have come into contact with what to me are very advanced and Loving beings. They have told me that they wish to communicate with humanity through me, in that they would like me to channel their ‘words’. That is something I will be getting to as soon as my energy is sufficiently restored, but for now I wish to tell you all how I came upon these beings.

As many of you know as I have said it many times, I am frequently traveling on Earth’s astral planes. Since a couple of months ago, I have been able to feel my Lightbody, my spirit that is getting upgraded and coming online, existing in new planes of Living. They are not really ‘new’, but I have been in 3d for a good minute so they are new to me. I am traveling these lands every day. I go to very many familiar and wonderful places, such as my childhood home and the lake I always Loved spending time at as a child/teenager. I am able to do literally whatever I want in these lands. I can fly around, sit on top of houses if I wish, phase through things, I am limitless. I would say the sky is the limit, but after the experience I had that I am about to share with you, I learned that even the sky is not the limit in these lands.

For some reason, while traveling in my personal astral planes of Earth it never dawned on me that advanced entities were able to come into communication with me while I found myself there. Upon realizing this, I also realized that when doing readings or channeling a message I am actually finding myself in my personal earthly astral planes, with the beings I am communicating with. However, no conscious discussion with beings on these astral planes have been as memorable, intense and real as what I am about to share with you. I guess I should stop building anticipation and get to it already!! 🙂

I was playing around in my old childhood backyard as I do every day, flying around and phasing through things and manifesting things. One of my favorite things to do while in this astral travel is to sit on top of the roof of the shed that is in this yard, as when I was a kid I always Loved climbing up on top of there and just sitting. So anyway, I was going back and forth from sitting on the roof of the shed, to sitting on the roof of the house. For some reason, when I would sit on the roof of either the shed or the house, they seemed to either grow or move up off of the ground, as I was finding myself much higher up while on these roofs then I would be in ‘real life’. I actually felt like what I was sitting on was moving upwards, I.E. the house was trying to take me up to the sky as I was sitting on the roof.

I had conditioned myself to fight what I feel I can’t control in those lands, so I was trying very hard to focus and make the house come back down where it was supposed to be. For some reason, I felt the need to control this land, which is a long shot from working with it to manifest that which I desire. I was trying to get the house to come back down, but I was being met with great resistance. It was like my childhood house wanted to fly up into what I would perceive as space with me on top of it. I spent a great deal of time and energy trying to resist this happening, but I soon realized that to resist simply wasn’t worth it. Whatever was happening was happening for a reason, and I need(ed) to just accept it and see where this crazy flying house takes me. I had no idea just where I would be going and who I would be meeting.

Sitting on the roof of my childhood house, I released all resistance and let it fly upwards. What I experienced will be so very hard to describe in mental terms, but I will do my best here. Try to feel what I am saying here, as it may help you understand the whole thing better. I now found myself in, I guess, ‘space’ above the Earth. I could see the Earth in all of it’s beauty, but I still felt very much attached to Earth and it’s astral planes. That was when I perceived them. I can’t say I saw these wonderful beings, as their presence was more felt by me, but I could ‘see’ them as well. They were enormous beings, every one of them seemed to be bigger than the whole Earth that I was looking at from this place I was in. They were radiating immense amounts of the purest Love I have ever felt, and they seemed so benevolent and Loving that again it is quite hard to describe. Apparently, this little visit of mine with them had been planned for quite a while.

They told me that they would like to begin speaking with humanity through me, as they have much information to share with us all and would like an instrument in which to share this information through. Sitting there in meditation (my astral self was experiencing all of this) I asked for some names of these entities. Casually, the label Hathors of the Solar Astral Planes popped into my mind, and I explored this name. The solar astral planes? I asked them. So, what, I am in the astral planes of Earth’s sun right now? Not quite dear one, they told me. You are currently with us in the highest astral planes of Earth, which we like to refer to as Earth’s Solar Astral Planes. We call them the ‘Solar’ Astral Planes because again, they are the highest astral planes of your Earth before her astral planes merge with that of your Sun’s lower astral planes, and the relation to your sun is why we refer to these planes in such a manner. It is beautiful to witness, that of your Earth’s higher astral planes merging with your Sun’s lower planes.  It somewhat made sense to me, but I still had another question.

Why me? I asked them. There are plenty of souls on Earth right now channeling ascended beings, why did you guys choose me specifically? I have issues with not feeling worthy of many things, and those issues sort of came through in that question. Their answer was so simple that it made me want to laugh and cry tears of Joy at the same time:

Why you? Because you are receptive. You are experiencing us right now. Not only that, you are communicating with us! That is ‘why you’ dear soul. You are able to be here, with us, at this time. You are able to communicate with us. This is why we wish to take that communication and have you make it ‘public’ so to speak. We have so very much to share with those on your world about these astral planes, and since you were able to ‘pass the test’ and be with us, we would like you now to (do what you refer to as) ‘channeling’  for us. 

I believe when they said ‘pass the test’ they meant that I was able to release resistance to my flying house (lol!) and be with them as a result. I very much wish I could fully communicate the enormity of this experience, as my mental recollection of it pales in comparison to what I actually felt, what I actually perceived and experienced. The Love and Joy that came off of these beings was enough to make one want to stay in their energy forever, and I am now happy to be forging a Loving relationship with these souls that refer to themselves as ‘The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes”. I still do not completely understand why others on Earth have not yet connected with these souls, but who knows maybe somebody has. If any of you reading this finds a channeling from a source similar to these souls, please don’t hesitate to post the link in a comment on this article or in an email to me, as I would Love to learn all I can about these beings. I do plan to ‘channel’ their words and energy, but as mentioned above I am going to wait until my energy has been sufficiently restored. The 10.28 energy gate has been having it’s unwanted effects on me, as of late I have felt quite depleted and unable to find the energy in myself to do my usual ‘channeling’ and giving of readings. I know this is because my body complex is absorbing the ever expanding latest energies that are associated with the closing of the Ninth Underworld cycle, and I fully expect to be back to normal when my body has sufficiently absorbed these energies and gotten used to them, so to speak.

When this happens, you can bet I will be scribing a message from the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes. Personally, I can’t wait!! 🙂 🙂

Wes Annac

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