I Feel Like Waiting For Something That Isn’t Gonna Happen – Lucas – 30 October 2011

After I had received a message today from Ashtar and had been reading an e-mail from a disappointed reader I wrote this article.  The reader felt like he was waiting for something that was not gonna happen. He had been giving up on disclosure and the abundance program. In short  he lost his faith.  In Ashtar’s message it  became clear we have to be patient for a little while longer.

We still not realize that we have to outgrow our 3D Time consciousness. We think in linear time. Even if the Angels, Ligtbeings and Galactic Federation of Light say it is near or soon and have good reasons not mentioning any dates, we still ask when, what date or at what time.

For some people it is a waiting game that makes keeping trust in that what has to come is difficult. Doubts and fears of being misled are zooming around.  The ones who know and have no doubt things will happen are the real keepers of the faith, so to say.

No one will lose out on the beautiful new world that will unfold before us soon. The first stages of the new are taking shape.  But you have to see that. See the little signs around you. See things transforming, wrestling with the old and making place for the new. See also inside of you . Feel your heart longing for the new. Feel your body adjusting to the new energies. Feel the shift.

Now you know it is not a waiting game but real  and it is gonna happen. Because we are standing at the threshold of disclosing the truth it will be a unforgettable experience for all of us. That means in 3D time it is  5 minutes before the clock strikes 12.  Just see those minutes as the difficult ones to bear. It is worthwhile waiting that little bit more.

Love and Light,


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