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Greg Giles – Pleiadian Messages – 11.11.11 – 1 November 2011

Wes Annac – Our friend Greg may be ascending on the 11.11.11, so I would soak up these wonderful messages from our Pleiadian friends while we can!! :)

Pleiadian Messages 11/1/11

Many of you love all others of your world unconditionally, though there are those who distain others and only care about themselves, therefore making no attempt to contribute to the whole of society as a collective endeavor. Truly realizing full potential is a society who realizes that together they make up the reality they will experience. This is the key. The collective consciousness grid is fueled by the thought forms entered into it by each and every member of the society. This grid acts as a projector, filling your shared theater with the images and sounds of your story. Each individual is responsible for his or her parts in your co-written script. Please be careful when choosing your thoughts, as in a way, you may say that it is irresponsible of you to feed energies into the collective consciousness grid that have a negative effect on others around you. Although all is choice and you have the right to choose any reality you wish to experience, karma also plays a role when you affect someone else’s life in a negative way. This is a delicate dance, and it is the wise soul who has learned to give in order to receive. You are only taking from yourself when you have learned to take in order to receive. There really is no such thing as stealing, as in reality you are only borrowing what you will eventually pay back until your balance is paid in full. The same goes for giving, as everything you give will eventually come back to you. Give, receive, share. The balance sheet will always figure perfectly at the end of your day. Continue reading


Adama -Dreamwalker: Crystal Skulls – 1 November 2011

Adama Through Dreamwalker: Crystal Skulls. via http://www.aquariuschannelings.com  posted by Wes Annac

Adama channeled through Dreamwalker

Crystal Skulls


>Adama, you wanted to chat?

I did Troy, and Selphia sends her blessings as well.

>Thank you, Adama. I send my love and gratitude to both of you!

Thank you, Troy. You on on a new path discovering the stone people, which I wanted to talk to you about. But you have discovered several things already about them, you have been drawn to them, and they enjoy your attention.

Spirits live within the stones, but it is up to you to bring the out to play.

They love to play, you know – they are filled with love and joy as you have already experienced. They will help in whatever way they can. Something like a medium’s familiar. They have certain properties that may help emphasize your intent or focus it as the case may be. Continue reading

David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford : New Fulford Interview Transcript: Old World Order Nearing Defeat

On October 13, 2011, Benjamin Fulford gave another revealing interview. As a public service, we have transcribed it and summarized the greater context we have been sharing here — so these world-defining events will be easier to follow and document as we proceed.
Transcript and Commentary by David Wilcock, New York Times best-selling author of “The Source Field Investigations” Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Energy Of Holidays – 31 October 2011

Since we have reached this time of year, many who are finding themselves awakening may ask, “what is the significance of the holidays?” Some may think that many holidays were simply created by the dark in an effort to get us all trapped in a materialistic bubble; having us buy unhealthy candy on most holidays, and expensive toys on others. Many may think that holidays have no place in an awakened one’s experience, but I would like to present my personal opinion on why that isn’t true.

As a child, for me holidays were the most looked-forward to times of the year. I always looked forward to the end of the year as a child, as there are many holidays at this time to look forward to. I am not gonna say I didn’t enjoy eating all of the food and candy and receiving presents, but for me that was not what it was totally about. For me as a child and as an adult, the holidays are about coming together. They are about uniting and enjoying each other, and the wonderful vibes that come from these holidays. Think back to your childhood, and tell me that the holidays were not some of the greatest times you experienced. Of course this may not be true for many, as we are all different and go through different experiences. 

As a collective, we on Earth have split away from each other and pretended we were not the One soul that we actually are. Humans can tend not to take a liking to one another, as many of us wrestle daily with the separation mindset. But many of the holidays change this. Taking my child trick-or-treating on this Halloween has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me. Though as a child I did not pay much attention to others, as an adult it is wonderful to see such complete strangers be so nice and Loving toward children and people they do not even know. If one was to knock on the door of somebody that they did not know in the summertime, those people would probably be quite cruel to that person. But on Halloween, that very person that was so cold-hearted may be the nicest person you could meet. This is what I am speaking of.

There is undeniably a certain energy attached to these holidays. I think this energy is manifested by the excitement of the wonderful souls that are children, and felt by the adults around them. While most unawakened souls can be quite cut-off from the higher energies, I think many of them too are able to feel the anticipation, the excitement, and the overall happiness of the children that create such energies on these dates. It is truly a wonderful thing!!

Of course there are those who focus only on the materialistic aspects of these holidays, and there are those who feel that these holidays are only about materiality and spending money. This could have been the very reason that such holidays were created, but the wonderful children of Earth have taken the energy of the holidays, radiated them out to the adults around them, and made these seemingly insignificant dates wonderful opportunities for a higher purity of the energies of Love and Joy to manifest and ground unto Earth. Can you feel the pure energies? 🙂

Wes Annac

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – This is a small excerpt from the Ascension Class I am working on….About balancing energy :) – 31 October 2011

By Suzanne Poulson Spooner on Monday, 31 October 2011 at 17:27

Energy is neither positive or negative, it is neutral. In a 3-D experience a label is added to determine where on the energy spectrum an idea or belief is found. Is it good or bad? Does it make you feel happy or sad? In a 5-D experience all is considered serving the greater good so only degrees of this are imagined. In higher realms even this diminishes to only feeling unconditional love. As we make our way from 3-D to higher dimensions we have waves of energies to contend with. These are experienced different ways by each soul. In this module, we will learn how to manage these waves.   Continue reading