Kris Won – Commander Sohin – 31 October 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Many of you are wondering (we are well aware) about our physical form, and how and what material are our ships made of. And we are always ready to answer all your questions; for that, among other things, is why we are offering at the present time to keep you informed of our steps, and to answer all of the questions we know all of you have down there.

The ideas flow smoothly and lightly from my mind to the mind of my channel, and this is how it should be. Very soon, all of you will know how to receive our telepathic messages, without the need to spend a lot of energy moving ourselves through the continuum of space-time. 

In that way, all of the members of the Galactic Federation communicate together, provided it is not necessary to discuss issues at length among us. And we will also do it like that between us and you, when you become part of the Galactic Federation, once you are prepared to be part of it.

Well, to answer the question that many of you have regarding our physical constitution, first I have to explain that we, coming from different parts of the Galaxy and other Galaxies even further away, have physical vehicles very different and unequal to that of others.

Some possess a body similar to yours, which is how we are in the Alpha Spaceship and in others. Other Brothers have a more “elastic” metabolism, depending on how they have been developing according to their atmosphere and the needs of their environment, and their body may be more gelatinous and more malleable.

Some others can live in a world with the presence of atmospheric agents and where certain gases are mixed with hydrogen and oxygen, and therefore need a type of scaly skin that protects them.

Others exist in worlds where their natural habitat is water or some other type of similar liquid, so they might have something like the gills of your fish, to allow them to breathe underwater; their extremities ending in webbed hands and feet, with cartilage between their fingers, so they can move under water at high speed as if using oars.

And to not make my presentation too long, there are also Brothers who live with bodies in a more gaseous state; we could say that they are a link between those who have a physical body and those who are disembodied beings. They are something like half spirit and half human, do you understand what I mean? They are governed by natural laws that are different from yours.

It is imperative that you become familiar with that idea, so that when we make our first visual contact, do not be offended or alarmed if you see some Big Brothers of yours with a slightly different appearance to that of your race.

In other transmissions we have explained that the films your filmmakers create harm the idea that you could have with regard to us not coming to help you, rather to ‘conquer’; but in this case, some of your films may have indeed helped to prepare you so that your minds accept a wide variety of races, very different, between all of the Brothers who visit. I refer to the movies where the human race travels in interplanetary spacecraft and makes contact with civilizations in other confines of the Universe. That’s not science fiction, it will be like that really soon, dear brothers and sisters of Earth!

You are being visited not only now, but always have; at all times you have counted on the help of other civilizations that have visited you, just never with an influx of beings so great as in these times, because now you need us more than ever, both so that we can protect you, to help you clean up your natural habitat, as well as so we can guide you with our advice through your ascension process.

Regarding the physical appearance of the ship we are on, the Alpha Spaceship, our humanoid appearance is like that of the terrestrial planets, since we come from planets with weather conditions similar to those on Earth.

And finally, the physical structure of our ships is very different from that of your aircraft. When your pilots began to fly your first aircraft, you had to look over the controls continuously, without losing sight for a moment. Later on, your aircraft and pilots had automatic controls so that the plane could maintain its course, allowing the pilot to relax and not be constantly aware of all the navigation conditions.

Our ships have a much greater range of autonomy. It is only necessary to program the itinerary at the time of departure, and because the ships are designed with a very advanced technology, they are capable of taking care of themselves throughout the journey. They are so sophisticated that we could say that they are made up of “auto-thinking” matter, capable of resolving any inconveniences of the trip by themselves.

They are a type of artificial intelligence that you are not accustomed to, dear brothers and sisters, and that you cannot conceive, even in your bolder science fiction movies.

But its construction, operation and maintenance will be transmitted to you by our engineers, once our First Contact has taken place.

Warm greetings from Alpha Spaceship.

Peace and Love

Commander Sohin channeled by Kris Won




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