Wes Annac – 11.11.11: What has Happened and, What will Happen? – 2 November 2011

Well, dearest of friends, here we are. September began to bring us our conscious realization of infinity, October brought us the end of the Mayan Calender, and now we have reached the fabled November 2011. In just a few short days we will be at the threshold of the 11.11.11, which has promised to bring us many etheric wonders and changes that will manifest in our Lives, collectively and individually. These are the times where it is best to take a step back and look at everything that has been accomplished, before we move onward on our infinite journey Home. So, what have we manifested so far?

Well, let’s take a look around us. All over the world, in nearly every major city, souls are standing up for themselves, for ourselves, and taking back this world from the, for lack of a better word, annoying grasp of the elite, the one percent on our world who still try to refuse to give up power. It should be made very clear to those elites now, that there is truly nothing left they can do to stop us from taking our world back, and that the time has long come to give up their perceived power. Though they will forever try to cling to power, it matters not as our Galactic friends are now taking over to deliver us the disclosure announcements, as has been suggested in recent channeled messages. Those who very much should be mostly held responsible for the state our world is in, will be. The most important part of this however, is that we all realize our collective and individual roles in making the world what it is today. Weallowed the dark to do their thing so to speak, as we were stuck in a very convincing illusion that they crafted. Now, we have seen the error of our ways, and are mending the situation as we heal our world and make all right.

Besides the protests, it has been made clear that wave after wave of souls on our world are awakening at break-neck speed. I mean, look at all of the spiritual blogs and websites that have been established, quality sites that seemed to spring up from the ground overnight. I was not even fully awakened a year ago, and in fact this blog could be considered one of those that ‘came out of nowhere’. I am just one of a collective group of souls on this world who have awakened to the truth and are doing something about it. Though our roles are not as ‘on the front lines’ as the roles of those in protest and for some, civil war, all across the globe, we stand on the sidelines, anchoring the Divine Violet Flame and doing our best to see that others are in the know. We have been told that many Ascended Masters, Archangels and extraterrestrial souls have incarnated on Earth to see that others are aware of ascension (David Wilcock is a great example of that in my eyes) and it is clear that at least some kind of mass awakening has already taken place.

We have also been going through energy gate after energy gate, that have served to expand our awareness and our ability to bring in more pure forms of Logos energy tenfold, seemingly every week. These have, of course been in preparation for the big kahuna, the 11.11.11 that is the basis of this whole post. Even still, they have been very powerful energy gates that have certainly been felt by at least most of us, and they have served to awaken us in small and big ways, and as we absorb the energy provided by these portals we in turn take our energy and share it with others, who then share it with even more souls.

All of this has been accomplished already, before the big 11.11.11 even hits, so I ask you, what do you think it will be like once this date arrives? I too have been wondering what will play out.

Will there be three days of perceived ‘darkness’?

Will a buncha people be ascending?

Will there be some kind of glorious disclosure announcement?

Or will nothing happen at all, leaving many of us confused and disappointed?

That last option is the least likely one in my opinion, but all options do need to be considered. What is going to happen?

I think, as has been said, we will be reaching a huge, ever-expanding energy gate/portal/universal chakra/universal torsion field/whatever you wish to call it! This energy gate will serve to open our own inner energy gates (chakras) even more than they have already been opened. This part of me speaking to you all now is not up in the higher realms with those ascended who are planning these events, so I cannot say for sure. I do know one thing though, whether everything happens or nothing happens, the big 11.11.11 date should be very interesting to say the least.

Wes Annac

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