A Little Say On The Crisis Today – 3 November 2011 – Lucas

As the bailout of Greece hits twice a strike on Europe’s Euro zone, now its the home run (literally) for George Papandreou as his ministers  call for his resignation and he scraps the referendum.  The play will continue. If they throw out Greece or let them go bust the consequences will be severe for all. The solutions aint solutions anymore. And therefore the domino effect, I spoke of in an earlier message, and its  lifeline kicks in and the following project will start the inevitable failing of the system again.

The G20 is ready for its elaborate vast entourage in complete solitude from the people who legitimately want to protest but can’t en if they do the police state kicks in. For keeping up the illusion of wanna do the best for the people, they will be talking about a Robin Hood Tax.  The illusion of democracy we already have been shown as  people getting arrested and hurt just merely protesting peaceful and without violence shows what democracy means.

People not able to give their opinion by  still vast censorship of institutions, governments , media and even companies censor things away. This all is happening right now under our eyes. The message and uprising of the people’s voice make the dark ones fear and worry. Yes, things are changing for the better in small steps already. Banks are getting the message already stop robbing your clients. In England Occupy the area around Saint Paul’s Cathedral  has led to resignations of the Clergy. This all are small steps and more will follow as the pressure will mount to unknown heights for the dark ones.

Others like Berlusconi are leaving eventually the stage. More will follow. People are fed up with these undemocratic, unlawful and blunt called inhumane actions by those power elites. As Murdoch also has been feeling all will come out sooner or later and the consequences seen and felt.

Let us see that things are moving in the right way and keep on sending our powerful love and light to those in need. At the same time  we need to manifest in our minds thoughts all things we wanna have now .  Disclosure, Abundance, New Governments which truly represent the people, Free Energy, etc. Just visualize it in the now.  As we do that we support the changing things quicker.

In future we will be able again to manifest things from merely thinking. Travel  by merely thinking where you wanna be. Keep on being peaceful, being unconditional loving, helping, being non-violent, being non judgemental of those who are not thinking the same as you, being Light and being yourselves as the lightbeings you are.

Love and Light,


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