Kris Won – Master El Morya – 2 November 2011

E L  M O R Y A

Silently, quietly, without show or display and without looking for glory, the adept does his job always keeping in mind to help his less evolved brothers and sisters to progress. He knows that he is sharing his work with other initiated Masters and in collaboration with many disciples and aspirants to the Wisdom; but, nevertheless, he is the only being in the Universe who has been chosen by the Creator to carry out that mission. So he carries it out with care, surrender, and total dedication.

He who speaks, does not know, and he who knows, does not speak. He acts always from the silence of his Inner Presence, which manifests itself in the physical plane through his dedicated action. He never hurts anybody, at least not deliberately, and he is not concerned with himself, except for maintaining his physical vessel in good health, whether he lives in a temporary body or one that he incarnated into since birth.

He can be without food for days or without sleep for entire nights, if the cause demands it be so; but he does it without ever complaining, being extremely happy for the opportunity given to him by God to serve Him in His Divine Plan.

Blessed indeed is the ground upon which his feet walk, because it truly is the Breath of the Lord enveloped by a mortal form!

Source: Master El Morya

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