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Wes Annac – Directly Perceiving The Very Energies That Are Uplifting Us – 4 November 2011

We have been told so very many times how important it is to feel and recognize what is happening all around us, which can be easier said than done. I’m sure I’m not the first to say, it can sometimes be hard recognizing that our ascension is in full swing when we continue to be surrounded by so much darkness, so many lower vibrations. Sometimes when we are feeling our most dense, when situations in our Lives are grounding us heavily to 3D Earth, it can be hard to recognize or even realize the fact that we are being blessed with pure Love and Light, physically measurable energy from the very core of Creation – Mother/Father Source. However, when we take time out of our busy and sometimes hectic Lives to step back, perhaps go deep into meditation or relax in any way, the fact that our cells are changing from carbon-based to crystalline-based becomes more apparent. Not only that, when we are in a relaxed and laid-back state we are able to recognize how the very reality we find ourselves in is changing. Continue reading


Drunvalo Melchizedek: An Update on Crystal Skull Journey | The [Occupy] 2012 Scenario

Original article by Steve Beckow via http://www.SteveBeckow.com

Notice Drunvalo’s mention that the Gateway Ceremony for the crystal skulls will occur in Los Angeles on 11/11/11.

IMPORTANT NEWS: an update on the crystal skull journey with Mayan Daykeeper, Hunbatz Men

These days nothing ever moves in a straight line. When you’re dealing with shamanic energies, ancient relics, and 26,000 year old prophecies any attempt to get linear becomes counterproductive. That being said, many things have changed since the Spirit of Ma’at posted the preliminary announcement for Hunbatz Men’s Crystal Skull pilgrimage. Because of this, we feel that it is important for us to clarify a few things. Continue reading

Archangel Gabriel – Weekly message -3 November, 2011 Channeler: Marlene Swetlishoff


November 3, 2011

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse with you on the quality of Love called empowerment. This quality brings out the higher inner qualities of another Being by the act of encouragement and support, by reminding them that they are strong and powerful in their own right and that there is more to them than they can remember in the current moment. This quality is most appreciated by those who have felt beaten by life’s challenges and mysteries and when another empowers them by reminding them of their Divinity and their innate goodness and wisdom, a flow of positive, healing and uplifting energy begins to flow within them. Continue reading

If the Cabal are Defeated, Why are All These Threatening Events Still Happening?

People are writing and asking: what’s with the FEMA/NOAA emergency broadcast?  What’s with the Dept. of Homeland Security lampposts that have surveillance cameras and listening devices? What’s with the increase in chemtrail activities in the Southwest?

You may as well toss in the Charlie Hebdo fire here as well, the blocking of the transport of raw milk, attempts to censor the Internet – on and on the cabal’s efforts go. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 4 November 2011

You are in a situation that requires you to wait patiently for matters to develop a little further, and then you can expect action. The cleansing of your civilization has been long taking place on different levels by replacing the dark Ones with our representatives of Light, up to the present day when they are being removed and placed where they cannot do any further harm. So you can see that the conditions are becoming such, that we can move into the next phase. With it comes a greater awareness on your part, as more people are opening up to the truth as to what is happening on Earth. Out of the confusion, the Phoenix of the past is rising when you were in an era of Love and Light. That was during one of the more enlightened periods of Atlantis prior to its fall. Virtually all of you have lived lives during that great epoch, and the memories are still held in your sub-consciousness. Those times were when you reached a peak of spiritual growth, that allowed the great Masters to return to Earth. However, over thousands of years the vibrations gradually dropped, until the Light had to compete with the overwhelming darkness that engulfed Atlantis, and led to its demise. Continue reading