Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council On The Disclosure Petition – 5 November 2011

Via 2012IndyInfo.com posted and channeled  by  Wes Annac  5th November 2011

Dearest souls, we come to you on this day in Love, and in our refined versions of the emotion you call disappointment. We could feel the anticipation of many of you relating to the clear chance your governments were given to disclose our existence to you, and we can now feel the angst and frustration of many of you who have read and received your White House’s ‘official’ response to the petition you all created with the help and guidance of many Ascended Masters and of us as well, to disclose our existence to your world. The petition that we helped create was made very clear that the souls of your world know the truth about us, do not fear us and are in fact finally ready to know of us without fear. Instead of taking the wonderful opportunity placed before them like we hoped they would, your United States government instead chose to further stall and further deny our existence, causing a frustration in many of you that is being felt throughout the cosmos.

We wish not to sound unloving through our stern tone, but the time truly hath come for you all to know about us and about the actions that have been taking place on your world for a millennia. The petition that was created was more of a ‘big deal’ than many still realize – we wished to use that outlet as an official and a real way for your United States government to lead the way in announcing our presence. We told directly the elite on your world, that this petition would be their way out. With the support of a public that is dying to know about us, they would be able to safely disclose our existence. Instead, they chose again to drop the ball. Well, we wish you all to know that it has in fact been made more than clear to us up here that your governments simply cannot be trusted to handle these worldwide announcements. Our Earth Allies will continue to push your governments on this issue, but it has been made clear to us that this is something we must handle.

Even if and when the announcement of our existence does come from a government figure, the commencement of the announcement will be orchestrated by us, by your Ascended Masters and by Gaia’s Highest Council. 11.11.11 is just around the corner, and with all that will be manifesting we simply cannot have this matter stalled anymore. We wish you all to know, we are just as appalled as you are with the response so many caring and knowing individuals have gotten to the growing petition to announce our existence. They time truly has come – and we ascended are taking over on the disclosure announcements.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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