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Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council on the Disclosure Petition, Part Two – 6 November 2011

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Boy, am I really feeling the energy today, in a good way! I have been able to finally channel a message from the Hathors, as well as do two full-page readings and receive this message from our Pleiadian friends! Somebody commented on a Pleiadian message and asked when and how disclosure will happen, and if our Creator is directly taking over on bringing ascension to us. This is the answer I received. :)

Wes: Hello to the Pleiadian High Council. Our friend (…) had a question pertaining to how and when disclosure will be enacted, and if you (who are) ascended will be totally ‘taking over’ on delivering everything as you hinted in the ‘PHC on the disclosure petition’ message. Would you care to answer this question for us? Continue reading


Montague Keen – 6 November 2011

My dear, you are now seeing things happen that I told you about shortly after my passing. It needed a brave man to defend his people and his country. In doing this, he inadvertently awakened the world to what had been accepted without question for hundreds of years. One day soon, it will become quite clear why it had to be Ireland which shone the Light of Truth on the corruption. Mr Enda Kenny was chosen for this role. He is trusted to see this through. Continue reading

Sanat Kumara – You are Graduating to a New Level – 5 November 2011

Greetings Beloved,

This is Sanat Kumara. I am here because this is such an amazing time on earth. I have committed to be with the earth to help you all in this transformation. Now I wish to be more present, more communicative, so that I can be of maximum help in a more direct way. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: 3D Earth Timelines and the Help We have Been Giving – 6 November 2011

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Dearest souls of one of the infinite realities that make up your Earth sphere, we are the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral planes. We watch over you all and your world at all times, convening with Gaia’s High Councils and making sure that your ascension finds itself to you, and you find your way to your ascension. We guide many of you on Earth daily; though suffice to say many do not notice the help we are giving them right off the bat. Many on your world tend to believe that whatever pops into their head, must naturally come from their own mind, when this simply is not true. You all exist in multiple realities; in infinite planes of existence and, in many higher astral planes of Earth many of you are in fact convening with us and taking the guidance we offer. We Love you all so very much, and we wish you to know that many of you, if you so wish, may in fact choose the option to become one of us –  to become an ascended Hathor and work on Earth’s higher astral planes. Continue reading

Lucas – Ashtar – Unseen Progress. But it is made. – 6 November 2011

Beloved friends I am Ashtar giving this message to you all. Progress is made but maybe it  is unseen by you.  But it is made. We see so much lovely things on Earth happening now.  And also we feel the doubt and feeling of being not heard  as we are with you above.

The great disappointment in the answer to  the disclosure petition was dearly felt by us Lucas. For that  question from those who despair and feeling left alone  it is with love and understanding of those earthly feelings that we say:   See the living lights you are becoming.  See the great light that trough You already  is contributing towards  the changes needed. So from our space command ship we salute you. As you must know what great beings you are to  have come so far out of the darkness into the light. Your first steps being transforming again in those wonderful lightbeings that you are, are we and all other spacefamilies, lightbeings, angels, masters of light and our GOD Creator waiting for. Continue reading

Radio Ann – Message To Me From the Galactic Federation of Light – 6 November 2011

11/5: Hello, this is the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) communication centre. We are here in support of your ground mission. We are mission control. You are a member of the away team. You are wondering how it is that you live two lives. You live more than two lives. You live many, many simultaneous existences. You are a multi-dimensional being who carries on many simultaneous lives. Continue reading

Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve and Galactic Federation Of Light Communication Team – 6 November 2011

There are many different constellations or groups of beings who work on project Ascended Earth. The ascended masters, also known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, coordinates its efforts with the Galactic Federation of Light. We all coordinate with the angelic kingdom and with many other beings of light and love who work more or less as independent contractors, to use an Earth construct. All of us work under the specific guidance of the lords of your universe, who work under the specific guidance of the Creator. In other words, there is nothing random about the way things are progressing in your world and in the world within each person.  Continue reading

Vatican ‘Stunned’ By Irish Embassy Closure – This is Great News!! – 5 November 2011


Vatican “Stunned by Irish Embassy Closure! Yahoo! This Calls For Celebration! This is the Catalyst that The People of GREECE need right Now!



  • Parishioners and visitors attend mass at a Roman Catholic Church in Ireland in a … Continue reading

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama in Reply to Your Disclosure Petition Response

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama in Reply to Your Disclosure Petition Response. via http://www.SteveBeckow.com by Steve Beckow published 5th November 2011.

President Barack Obama
White House, Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President,

It’s with a sense of disappointment that I reply to your response to our petition asking you to disclose the presence of extraterrestrials on and around our planet. (1) I reply as one of the organizations (The 2012 Scenario) that promoted this petition even though I, as a Canadian, did not sign it.

I state from the outset that I am friendly to your presidency and have been your supporter since the beginning of your campaign and remain so, as a cursory examination of my Internet site will show. (2) I urge you to hear these comments therefore as coming from a friendly source, and not from someone who wishes you ill. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – In God’s Reality, pain and suffering cannot exist – 6 November 2011

Saul channeld by John Smallman 6th November 2011 .

The waiting is almost over as you prepare to terminate your support for the illusion and allow it to dissolve into nothingness.  It was but a brief idea with which you played for a moment and is soon to be forgotten; and yet while you have entertained the idea of it, it seems to have lasted for eons, and that is what you have been experiencing.  Be glad that you have chosen to awaken and withdraw your support from it.  By ceasing to play games driven by fear and anxiety, you open your hearts to the divine Love field that has always been there for you and you realize that Love is everything and contains everything.  You could compare It to the air that you breathe (as you occupy your bodily forms), in that It is all pervasive, but Its vastness is far beyond anything you can conceive of, and It could never be contaminated in any way because It is the perfect divine and limitless environment in which all of creation has its existence. Continue reading