Lucas – Ashtar – Unseen Progress. But it is made. – 6 November 2011

Beloved friends I am Ashtar giving this message to you all. Progress is made but maybe it  is unseen by you.  But it is made. We see so much lovely things on Earth happening now.  And also we feel the doubt and feeling of being not heard  as we are with you above.

The great disappointment in the answer to  the disclosure petition was dearly felt by us Lucas. For that  question from those who despair and feeling left alone  it is with love and understanding of those earthly feelings that we say:   See the living lights you are becoming.  See the great light that trough You already  is contributing towards  the changes needed. So from our space command ship we salute you. As you must know what great beings you are to  have come so far out of the darkness into the light. Your first steps being transforming again in those wonderful lightbeings that you are, are we and all other spacefamilies, lightbeings, angels, masters of light and our GOD Creator waiting for.

Just take it step by step and feel the light within you growing. As others have been saying there is no need for hurt, pain that was not intended. You are creators  yourselves and need to use your thoughts  and light to create the lightworld in the now. Step beyond boundaries that are no more present. You can create the reality you are longing for now.

With all our love we are also longing to unite with you again soon. We will be here with you to support you and have our own tasks in helping the Divine Plan to be executed. Take the 11.11.11 day as a great reminder of the wonders to come soon. You will feel one way or the other the new energies working through you. Stay in the light and keep your thoughts positive. See it as a progressive step forward. Your GOD Creator has intended for You and Earths Ascension to happen and it will.

Ashtar channeled by Lucas

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