Montague Keen – 6 November 2011

My dear, you are now seeing things happen that I told you about shortly after my passing. It needed a brave man to defend his people and his country. In doing this, he inadvertently awakened the world to what had been accepted without question for hundreds of years. One day soon, it will become quite clear why it had to be Ireland which shone the Light of Truth on the corruption. Mr Enda Kenny was chosen for this role. He is trusted to see this through.

What is needed is the Irish people to research who they are. Only then will it become clear why the Vatican had to control their education and governments, thus ensuring that they never found out who they are. Even your history was stolen: it was repositioned and rewritten as having happened in another country. They just adjusted one or two names and created a false history for themselves.

Ireland, it is time to take back what is your history ! It is time to destroy all the Vatican-imposed history books that gave a totally false picture of who you are, and your important place in the real history of the world. The FALSE ACCOUNTING of the banks, that trapped Ireland, was carefully planned to exert even more controls on the people of Ireland. The Cabal even boast that THEY OWN IRELAND. I believe it used to be said that “it was God’s own country.” The Irish sing about “the forgotten race that no one knows”. It is time for that race to know who they are. The truth cannot be kept hidden any longer. A great crime has been committed against you. Your people have suffered since the Vatican set foot in Ireland, all those years ago. The abuse of your people and your country must be stopped. It is time to learn the truth.

The economic stranglehold on your world was carefully planned. There is no shortage of money or gold; it’s just in the hands of the wrong people. Your governments are not protecting you: they are part of the conspiracy. They are part of the problem, not the solution. They are as actors on a stage, reading out their lines, trying to impress on the people, how hard they are working on trying to solve the problem that they were implicated in creating. David Icke was word-perfect in his explanation of the situation. The Cabal are desperate, as everything is coming to a head. The energy continues to rise, and with it, truth emerges. It is time for change, and change it will. You can be sure of that.

You are not being given a true picture. You have only to look at who controls what you read and view, to know why. You now have to look to those who research the real truth. Read what they have to say — they have devoted their lives to bringing the truth out into the open. Make an effort to listen to what they have to say, then research it for yourselves. It is only then that you will see for yourselves how the truth has been kept hidden from you. Veronica will tell you that I spent all my time seeking truth. It was important for us to understand why the Cabal found it necessary to constantly invent reasons for conflict. When I passed to Spirit, it all became patently clear. Then I was able to give a true picture of what was happening. I had to explain to Veronica the extent of the corruption and give reasons why we had to help people to see it for themselves and gently lead them forward to the truth. It was a lot for her to take on board. I had to show her all the evidence and convince her to set up the Foundation. This was at a time when her heart was breaking. My sudden passing — without any warning — was so hard for her to bear. Veronica and I, have worked in many lifetimes together. It is never easy for us to be apart. I stand by everything I said in my speech on the day I married her. Our love becomes deeper each day. Please learn to see the love and the light. Welcome it into your lives. Venture out of your prison cage. Become free to live your lives in love and peace.

There is NEVER an excuse for war. You are not sheep. Act as the rational Beings of Light that you are. Say NO to war ! Everything can be achieved in a peaceful manner. Do not buy into the constant hype that is being foisted on you from all angles. It is time for truth, now. Believe me when I tell you that there is quite a lot going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of. We need the element of surprise to achieve our aims.

There are those among you who try to get Disclosure. Well, my dear, the governments have lied for so long that they would have to explain so much, they would not know where to begin; and right now, the lies suit their purpose better. Soon enough, you will meet your fellow beings from other planets. Our plans are great. We just need to get the timing right. It is time to trust your higher selves; do not allow yourselves to be swayed by the lies, no matter how persuasive they are, or the so-called ‘evidence’ that is produced. It is time for truth and justice. This is what we will ensure that you get.

This is a busy time for you, my dear. It is exciting also. Soon the veil will lift completely. This is a big project, my love. We will complete it.

Your adoring, Monty.




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