Radio Ann – Message To Me From the Galactic Federation of Light – 6 November 2011

11/5: Hello, this is the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) communication centre. We are here in support of your ground mission. We are mission control. You are a member of the away team. You are wondering how it is that you live two lives. You live more than two lives. You live many, many simultaneous existences. You are a multi-dimensional being who carries on many simultaneous lives.

You know the multi-plex that shows 16 movies? You are a multiplex. The lives you lead are just like different showings of films in the same building. You are just now beginning to sense areas of system bleedthrough. In the past, you saw only one life at a time, now it’s as if you hear the soundtrack from the movie next door bleeding through the wall. Disconcerting, yes, we imagine so. As more and more data and images from your various aspects layer over each other in a conscious way–very hard to describe this–you will see a comprehensive picture of a being with various folds, chambers, aspects, lifetimes, under one umbrella entity. Oversoul is sometimes used as a descriptor. We use I AM presence.

You have been experiencing a lot of bleedthrough lately. It’s as if your daily life is a bit dream-like. You worry about becoming untethered to reality. No, you are becoming untethered from illusion. There are more you’s than just the you that thinks it’s reading this by itself. There are many of you, having simultaneous experiences and comparing notes in the dream state. Yes, there is a dimension where your integrated Self takes in all the experience and fuses it into an understanding, a holistic knowledge of life and experience. It would be very inefficient to have one life at a time. It’s much more workable in a folded reality. Think of a napkin with accordion folds. The napkin is one thing; each fold is a life, or timeline, as some call it. Think less, feel more, do less, be more. It is all unfolding for you in this highly accelerated window of opportunity. We are delighted to be in contact with you in this timeline, this way, in this the most exciting of Earth incarnations. Yours is the most veiled, that’s why the awakening is the most exciting. Brava! Well done. Transmission is complete.

11/6: Hello, Ann. This is the GFL communication pod. We are in constant contact with you, valued member of our ground force. We realize that you are in a state of confusion regarding your true identity and whether you have become unmoored from reality. Ask yourself about the value of the “reality” that you cling to. Why not entertain the idea that we are real, that we see you, that you are who you suspect you may be. Allow, allow, allow. Do not shut off the stream of information that is currently pooling at the doorstep of your consciousness. Let it stream in. Do not dam up the light, which contains the messages that you have wanted to receive since childhood. Yes, you are who you suspect you are. You are a multi-dimensional being whose partial identity is a middle-age Caucasian lady in North America. You have many identities under the umbrella of One. You are all that you dream. You are all that you wish to be. Every fantasy you have is a reality in another timeline. You are all those people. Your life is vast, far bigger than your current reality allows you to see. Feel it. That’s where you’ll find it. Close your eyes and let the pictures in. We’ll send you the information. Just relax and let it in. Your comrades in ascension, the GFL communication team.


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