Sanat Kumara – You are Graduating to a New Level – 5 November 2011

Greetings Beloved,

This is Sanat Kumara. I am here because this is such an amazing time on earth. I have committed to be with the earth to help you all in this transformation. Now I wish to be more present, more communicative, so that I can be of maximum help in a more direct way.

I am always with you through my blessing, always helping to steer the course here on earth. The seeds of what is happening at this time were planted so very long ago, including those of you who are here, who made the decision a great while ago to be here at this time. So many forces, so many trajectories have come together to create what is happening now, on the earth and beyond your earth. It is beyond your imagining, beyond your comprehension, all the forces at play, all the groups of beings who are interacting to create your experience on earth at this time. It is quite a festival, you might say, quite a grand party that is occurring.

Festival is a wonderful word for it because it is a happy time. It is an exciting time. It is like a celebration, like a birthday or a graduation to another level. You on earth are about to be graduating to another level that is significantly different than what you know now, one that you will, for the most part, enjoy so much more. You have so much to look forward to. There are many, many beings who have already graduated through this level, this stage who are very involved in helping you, in supporting you. Most of it is what you might call behind the scenes. It is not necessarily apparent to you, at least at this time, who these beings are and what they are doing. Yet at the same time, many of you are becoming more sensitive and are starting to become more able to see these beings, to hear these beings, to be aware of their presence, to know about them, and to receive messages from them. This is part of the transformation that is happening. You will more and more be able to do this. The veils that have been over your third eye, your sixth chakra, which have largely muted your ability to receive these signals, are being lifted through your transformation, through the earth’s transformation, through all the events that are happening at this time.

So you are gaining new abilities—not entirely new, because you have known these capacities in the past when you were operating at higher levels in higher dimensions—but new to your consciousness now, new to your experience, especially in this earth lifetime. This is part of the celebration. You are not only celebrating with your fellow earth beings, you are also celebrating with the beings in so many dimensions, in so many levels. That is part of what is making it a grand celebration, and part of what also constitutes this unity consciousness that so many are talking about. Again, it is not just unity at the level of the earth, amongst people or even amongst all the beings on earth. It is unity with beings at all levels. So the first step of that is to become aware of the other beings at other levels and to start to move into a state of unity with those beings. And indeed, more and more of you are doing this. It is happening and it is most wonderful.

This is part what will amplify the support on earth. You are all like radios picking up the radio waves that before were just passing you by, because you weren’t tuned into those channels. As more and more people pick up those radio waves, others who maybe aren’t yet tuned in to those channels are starting to pick it up through you, to hear it through you. As they hear it more and more through other beings around them, they start to trust the process more and more. That trust starts to enable them to open up to their own abilities, and sooner or later they, too, will start to receive these transmissions, these communications, these signals. And so it will only increase and grow. That is going to exponentially grow the support you are all feeling on the earth, the support for this process. It’s like you are all parts of this great network or net of light, and the light is going to grow stronger and stronger as you receive the light in all of these forms, in all of these different ways. It is like a net in the idea of a safety net that is more and more going to hold all of you and hold you in this unity consciousness. It is a most beautiful transformation, a most beautiful process that is underway.

You are becoming more and more the star beings that you are, that you have been meant to be, that you long to be in your souls. We are here holding space for you, welcoming you all to this.

It is true that events are going faster, just as many of you perceive. It is true that more and more it will become apparent, it will become obvious, even in your earth world at the physical dimension, what is happening. It is a little bit like when children go to a party and there is so much excitement, they can hardly wait. It is a little bit like that for you at this time and for many beings. Truly, many of you are more and more feeling the energy building, and it is not an illusion. It is really building. Some people who don’t understand that this is a wonderful thing and a happy thing may interpret this in ways that promote fear in them and promote fear in others. That is to be understood. Be compassionate with these beings, but do not support their programs. Keep your focus on the light and on the love, the peace, the trust that is all part of the light. This is very important and valuable.

The movement that has begun in New York City that you are calling Occupy Wall Street is definitely part of this transformation that is happening. It is the way that this transformation is going to happen. It is what you might call grassroots—one by one within individual beings who are being transformed. That is the way that this is going to occur. So it is natural that this kind of event should be happening, and indeed has been happening at other places around the world. The United States is simply catching up. This is a very good sign, for the United States holds a particular place of importance in this whole process. The United States influences many, many other people in the world and historically and through to the present time also controls many things in the world and controls much of the world’s resources. So for this to occur in the United States is truly a pivotal event and very, very important in tipping the balance towards this growing movement of unity consciousness within all beings, and being led by the beings of light. This is something to be greatly celebrated and supported, and again to maintain the focus of peace, maintain the focus of transformation.

There are some who are more focused on the specifics of what kind of change you are calling forth. That is a good thing. It also tends to be somewhat of a third-dimensional perspective. That is supportive. That is laying the foundation, and foundations are important. Others of you are tuned into the energetic level of just the feeling of connection and love and harmony and unity that is being engendered by these kinds of events. That is a higher frequency of this same process. That is a very wonderful thing to focus on, too, and in and of itself has its own power. For some of you, that will be the work that you will do, to focus and magnify this energy frequency that is a higher level frequency. For others of you who are very tuned into the levels of light and love that are being given birth to, being supported through these types of events, this can be your focus—the pure light, the pure love, calling that in, and that will be a great contribution.

Be sensitive to what your part is, what your frequency is, what you’re most called to do, what you have passion to do, and bring that in. Anything that is in the light, in the love, in the positive frequency is a contribution. Different people will have different pieces of the puzzle, different roles that they are playing, different functions they are serving. Do not think that yours has to look like someone else’s. Be sensitive to what your true role is as a part of your life purpose at this time. That will be your greatest contribution, to stay connected to that and offering that.

I leave you with this thought, along with my blessing and immense love. The thought is that at your next gathering, in approximately a month, you will have much to talk about. There will be the first level of changes going on. It is so important and supportive that you have these gatherings, that those of you who are aware of these changes, who are supporting the light, who have come here for these purposes, gather together with others of similar nature. That increases your energy, your affect, your work so much, as well as supporting all of you. It is like you refuel each other, and this is important, too. So find the other beacons of light. Share your light together. Join your lights. Let your light merge and increase and grow stronger and stronger. I bless all of you in this. I share in your joy at this wonderful time. And I offer my great love to all of you.

And so I leave you with my blessings.

I am Sanat Kumara, and I go in God

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