Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council on the Disclosure Petition, Part Two – 6 November 2011

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Boy, am I really feeling the energy today, in a good way! I have been able to finally channel a message from the Hathors, as well as do two full-page readings and receive this message from our Pleiadian friends! Somebody commented on a Pleiadian message and asked when and how disclosure will happen, and if our Creator is directly taking over on bringing ascension to us. This is the answer I received. :)

Wes: Hello to the Pleiadian High Council. Our friend (…) had a question pertaining to how and when disclosure will be enacted, and if you (who are) ascended will be totally ‘taking over’ on delivering everything as you hinted in the ‘PHC on the disclosure petition’ message. Would you care to answer this question for us?

PHC: We would Love to provide some answers for you and (your friend) dear soul. As we told you in our last communication to you, we have indeed felt the need to take over on the disclosure announcements.  However, that admission does not quite have the connotation that many on your world have attached to it. Yes, we are now taking the reins so to speak, but we are now increasing the pressure on our Earth allies, who are every single one of you on the ground, to anchor the energies and Live the Love in their Lives that would be required on your world for beings of Love such as us to be able to be with you. We are no longer relying on the governments of your world to make the disclosure announcements, but at the same time we are not interfering with your world by doing it ourselves out of nowhere. No dear ones, instead we and your Ascended Masters are having you all increase the call for disclosure.

What happened with your disclosure petition in the United States was not what anybody expected. We fully expected, as did many of you, for your government to use that opportunity that was placed before them to deliver the announcements. However, what has happened with them still blatantly denying our existence has caused a ripple effect with all of you who are awakened. The disclosure petition was the ‘final straw’ so to speak, and while we are not directly interfering by delivering disclosure out of nowhere, we through our telepathic or otherwise communication with  you all are helping to ‘push’ you on the ground to get it done. People power is a great power, a power that cannot be denied. The arrogant response to your disclosure petition has served to awaken many of you further to just how far your governments will go to deceive. However, this happening has also shed Light on the fact that extraterrestrial matters can no longer be stalled or ignored.

As to the disclosure announcement itself, there is still much we cannot divulge at this time as your dark like to gather any details they can in an attempt to curtail ours and your efforts. We can say that by the time disclosure is delivered to you, your dark will no longer be in positions where they can cause mayhem and sabotage, as they will be hauled away into a virtual 3d reality where they will then be held until their trials. Your ascension is on full track dear souls, so it will not be needed for our Creator to directly interfere with matters in order to bring your ascension to you, as for the most part your ascension is already being brought to you souls, who very dearly deserve it!

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council for your answer.

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