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November: What Have we Learned and What Will we Learn?

With the big 11.11.11 just four short days away, now would be a better time than ever for us to step back, examine what is happening in our Lives and ask ourselves: how are we feeling?

For the most part we do not know what to expect with this big date, but I think it is fair to say that most of us are on the edge of our seats, eager to see what plays out this week and in the weeks ahead. I think it has been made very clear that we are at the point of no return; 11.11.11 is very close to us now and the ‘comet’ (spacecraft) that is Elenin is said to be passing by Earth, hopefully creating some sort of marvelous spectacle for us all to see, enjoy and be in awe of. With all that is said to be going on, I think it is healthy to take a bit of a step back and catch our collective breath so to speak, before the biggest of miracles that have yet to manifest find their way to us. Continue reading


Live Within and Remember – A Short Message from the Ascended Masters – 7 November 2011

As you all go about your day, surfing your internet and reading the various messages from different Divine sources, remember that your spirituality, your ascension and you inner sense of BEing, can only be found within. Many of you feel that if you do not keep up to date with ascension matters that you perceive outwardly, that you are somehow then not a part of Earth’s ascension. This is simply not true dear ones! You are all present in Earths ascension, even those unawakened, and the roles each and every one of you are playing are just as important as the roles we are playing. There is much you can do inside of yourself to aid in your personal and in Earth’s collective ascension and the purest work for the Light can in fact be done within. Continue reading

ABC News: One Million Consumers Transfer Bank Accounts – 7 November 2011

ABC News: One Million Consumers Transfer Bank Accounts.

via http://www.stevebeckow.com by Steve Beckow

One million people vote with their feet and hurl a warning at big banks. Thanks to Krystael.

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The Galactic Federation Through Wanderer Of The Skies – 7 November 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

We wish to address faith with you. For most of you, faith is all you have. You have not seen us, not communicated with us, have no real knowledge of our existence outside of these messages. You have not been taken aboard our craft, have no real way of knowing whether any of the messages that have come through, be they from the Federation or from spiritual sources, or otherwise, are anything other than the imagination of those who write the words down on paper. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 7 November 2011

With matters moving very quickly, you need little in the way of information as to the outcome. It is becoming quite clear that the European crisis is far from solved, and the debt amongst that union is so big it can bring them down. Meanwhile the people are becoming more active than any previous time, and the pressure they are applying on the governments will eventually yield results. In the background we along with our allies are adding to it, and continue to make it clear to the dark Ones that their days are numbered. There is great instability amongst them and fear of the consequences of their actions. In their arrogance they never thought that they would have to answer for their crimes, but now it is becoming obvious that they will.  Continue reading