Live Within and Remember – A Short Message from the Ascended Masters – 7 November 2011

As you all go about your day, surfing your internet and reading the various messages from different Divine sources, remember that your spirituality, your ascension and you inner sense of BEing, can only be found within. Many of you feel that if you do not keep up to date with ascension matters that you perceive outwardly, that you are somehow then not a part of Earth’s ascension. This is simply not true dear ones! You are all present in Earths ascension, even those unawakened, and the roles each and every one of you are playing are just as important as the roles we are playing. There is much you can do inside of yourself to aid in your personal and in Earth’s collective ascension and the purest work for the Light can in fact be done within.

As these days go by, remember the shining beacons of Light that you know you are at heart. Remember the Divine soul that is each and every one of you. Remember us and the assistance we are giving you. Remember that you can all tap in to our assistance and it simply takes knowing and believing you can in your heart of hearts. Remember the wonderful ascension you are all heading to. We guide to you all to bless yourselves and others. Bless everything around you to insure that that which you surround yourselves with resonate at the same high-christed consciousness that you all do. Remember how Loved you are at all times. We are to soon be with all of you, but in the meantime you are all doing as much as you can to insure that you see the end of this ascension cycle with much ease and grace. Take it easy on yourselves, as your bodies are making the biggest leap from carbon to crystalline, and this is a process that needs to see much nurturing of yourselves and of your body/spirit complex. Remember to radiate Love out to all of Creation, be it people, objects, or anything you encounter on your difficult Earth journey.

Remember your true selves, the ascended you that you refer to as you higher self. Remember that you already fully exist in the higher realms, and that we are there with you, helping you to guide your third dimensional earthly expression of yourself onto the right and properly Harmony-filled paths that will be necessary for your physical, spiritual and emotional growth.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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2 responses to “Live Within and Remember – A Short Message from the Ascended Masters – 7 November 2011

  1. Very comforting words. I’ll do my best to radiate love to everything. This will be a big test for me, but it must be achievable. Dispassion will be attempted, together with a calm approach.
    Love to all.

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