November: What Have we Learned and What Will we Learn?

With the big 11.11.11 just four short days away, now would be a better time than ever for us to step back, examine what is happening in our Lives and ask ourselves: how are we feeling?

For the most part we do not know what to expect with this big date, but I think it is fair to say that most of us are on the edge of our seats, eager to see what plays out this week and in the weeks ahead. I think it has been made very clear that we are at the point of no return; 11.11.11 is very close to us now and the ‘comet’ (spacecraft) that is Elenin is said to be passing by Earth, hopefully creating some sort of marvelous spectacle for us all to see, enjoy and be in awe of. With all that is said to be going on, I think it is healthy to take a bit of a step back and catch our collective breath so to speak, before the biggest of miracles that have yet to manifest find their way to us.

I know that for me personally, the month of November has already been a bit of a wild ride. I am now reaching a point where every day as I wake up, I am faced with a clear choice: do I do everything I can for the Light today, anchoring the Sacred Violet Flame to Mother Earth and giving readings, or do I ignore the vast power for the Light that I hold within myself, and instead choose to watch TV and Live away from my true purpose all day? I have never been given more clear choices, as up until this point I have looked toward ascension and my own role in all of this as a bit of a game; distancing myself from it all a bit because of that last deep-rooted doubt in myself that tells me this is all fantasy. We are reaching the final ‘battles’ so to speak with fears and doubts such as that one, and for me the ‘this may not be real’ doubt has not only been the biggest instrument of holding me back, it has been the most deep-rooted fear in myself that I have now begun to transmute.

Every day so far of this month November, I have been faced with stunning proof that everything I am working for is in fact very real. It seems that every day this month already I have witnessed a miracle of some sort; whether it is seeing a starship streak across the sky, seeing the very happy face of Ashtar clearly materialize before my shut eyes as I lay down to bed, receiving a very generous donation for a reading I gave, or any other form of miraculous happening that has graced me. We are only a week into November, and already I seem to have experienced a miracle a day, so to speak. So now, as all of this has happened to me, I find myself in a new and strange place. I have been calling this ‘existing in the new energy’. As 11.11.11 is so very close, we have actually already begun to feel the Christed energy that is associated with it. Of course, the energy gates that are being activated and those ascended who are activating them exist outside of the confines of time, so it would make sense that in a way, they have already been activated, and we are all feeling this activation within ourselves, though until we, existing still in the confines of physical time, actually reach the fabled 11.11.11 date, we will have yet to fully feel the energy associated with the opening of these portals. Even still, there is no doubt that the energy of the new world is already reaching our body and spirit complexes.

So now, as all of this is happening, again myself and many others are facing a difficult question that has come with these awesome realizations: do we now do all we can for the Light at all times, releasing doubt and judgement and fully giving ourselves over to the Divine to serve? Or do we go about our Lives as normal, comfortably existing in a space where weknow with our minds about ascension and spirituality, but where we do not yet fully serve with our hearts? The answer for me has been made very clear. Though there are still those parts of myself that have yet to be transmuted and that will still try to convince me to stop what I am doing for the Light, for the most part my role in all of this has been made very clear to me. I am here to be a beacon of Light, to hold the line for those unawakened and do all I can with the resources I have to aid in Earth’s ascension. In my arsenal is the Sacred Violet Flame with which I use to anchor vast amounts of Pure Love and Light to dear Gaia every day, my meditation practices and my recognition of the Divine sources whom are daily communicating with me through my mental channels, and of course my ability to scribe what they say for all who are awakening to learn and grow from.

Seven days into November, and all of this has already been brought to my attention. What is November bringing for you? I ask you to ponder this question deeply in your minds and hearts as we reach a very big date in our collective evolution.

Wes Annac

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