Fran Zepeda – Message From Jeshua – The Golden Palace Of Love – 8 November 2011

Greetings fellow lightworkers, I come before you today to discuss the peace that is enveloping the land. Do not be mistaken that it is happening and you are all a part of it. I do not forget the struggle that you have had in this momentous time to disseminate love to all. Love is in the cells of each one of you, dear sisters and brothers. Golden energy has infiltrated the earth and each one of you. You now enter the Palace of Golden Love and Light. What a sight to see it is. Feel it within your bones, your cells and your spirits. You cannot mistake it.

Love has a way of transforming everything. You are seeing many miracles. You are feeling the surge of energy that cannot be denied, dear friends. The energy is uplifting you to heights that you have never seen since you first began this journey many eons ago. I stand beside you in awe as you lift yourselves up and receive this energy and disseminate it out to all around you, to all above you and to all below you, down into Mother Earth. It is a beautiful glow of golden light encompassing all humanity now.

Many of you are preparing to shift consciousness to a new level. All that is required of you is to open yourselves to receive the massive amounts of golden energy that is streaming uninhibited now. Stand and receive it as if you are a massive column or pillar. Take it in and fill up your cells and tissues and consciousness and anchor it down into the earth and allow it to fan out in streams of light and love like a lighthouse illuminating the way for all.

You are all such beautiful souls, each and every one of you. You were chosen well. You are just beginning to see your potential and so much more is waiting for you. Yes, you have entered the Golden Palace of Love and Light. It is in each one of your cells. It is within you and without you. Get used to the energy. Fear cannot survive here – only love and devotion to the beautiful metamorphosis that is happening to all and each one of you. Be in joy as you have entered this palace. What remains is for you to partake in the moment-by-moment awakening of your True selves. Your God Selves.

This is your beginning. This is your end of limitations and sorrow of lost dreams. Nothing can stop you now. Go forward into the light. Be the light. Take off your armor of fear and absorb every particle of golden light that is streaming into you now and will be even more so in the coming days. Drink it in, bathe in it, feel the serenity and know you have crossed the threshold into the Palace of Golden Love and Light, which has changed humanity forever.

You are all transforming into what you once knew and lived in, what you have been waiting for, dear ones. Get used to this upliftment for it is just a taste of what is to come.

I remain your loving brother in peace and love, Jeshua

Thank you, Jeshua

Fran Zepeda

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