Lucas – SaLuSa – On the 11.11.11 date – 8 November 2011

There is so much to tell about what is gonna happen around the 11.11.11 date. But it is something you will have to feel and experience yourselves. Be calm and gentle to yourselves do not think there is something special needed in accepting the beautiful energies coming from the source to you. You will feel that what suits you at the moment in time. Just be positive and loving.

Help if you can others who are not that experienced or awakened as you call it. Care for  them by being there and being calm. Sent your love and light and all will be fine. No need to be elaborate about doing things in certain prescribed ways. For those who work or are sick or in need and are not able to stand still at the event happening, do not worry. All will be feeling the loving energies coming trough.

Enjoy and be happy. It is also a joyous day for all. The start of the new beginning. As a friend of you (Lucas) called it in analogy it is like having an early “Universal Christmas”. You are waiting for the day as boys and girls to open up your presents. And now are excited for the coming event.

Those presents are real and will be presenting themselves on and after “Universal Christmas”or the 11.11.11. day. Wonderous things you will see soon. The things you longed for and you are crying out for are, if you only knew, so close to  be manifested. The little tweaks we need to do in our “time” will have their expected outcome soon. Be surprised and happy as children do in opening at last the presents that always have been yours. We are with you and soon we will be united again.

For I am SaLuSa from Sirius giving you this message.

Thanks SaLuSa

Love and Light , Lucas

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