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For all those that are waiting for an ascension ‘event’ to take place, please understand that ascension and all its related branches is a process, an ongoing process that is already happening all around you. Although there will be a culmination celebration, if you only wait for this event to take place, you will certainly miss many important and exciting events that are transpiring every day. Are you waiting for first contact? I tell you ‘first contact’ has already happened for many of us.

Sheldan Nidle – Update – 8 November 2011

9 Eb, 5 Xul, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Your world is moving ever deeper into transformation. A wide range of activities to bring about change are making headway, despite the best efforts of the dark cabal to crush opposition to several tyrants who are bent on keeping an iron grip on their unpopular regimes. Furthermore, the number of nations signing on to the agreements of last spring continues to rise. Meanwhile, our prime focus is the swift change of governance in the major nations as this will make disclosure possible. We have informed our Earth allies that after the initial announcements are made and the many social programs are well underway, a disclosure broadcast is a must, as a pronouncement of this magnitude is essential to moving our personnel into a more public role. Further, your dark cabal has many unseen faces who are best removed once we achieve a more public position in these matters. Disclosure marks a point-of-no-return on your path to full consciousness, freedom, and personal sovereignty, and requires a proper champion who can ensure that no retreat from this sacred path is attempted. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 9 November 2011

Events continue to move on at a faster pace than previously, and the world looks on at the decline in Europe that will have far reaching implications. The problem in finding a solution, is that there is insufficient money to fund any form of help or bail out. As we have informed you, the old system can no longer serve those countries involved and a new one will have to be found that completely addresses the problem. The answer is of course waiting in the wings, and our allies will present their plan at the appropriate time. Be assured that the inconvenience to you will be short lived, and we will be behind those invested with the responsibility to bring the new plan in. Change must come and since your needs were identified, we have enlisted the help of people of authority to carry it through with all speed. Those of the darkness whom we have already identified will be stopped from interfering, and if need be removed to places where they are unable to do so.

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Suzy Ward on Obama and Roswell Crash Survivor

Suzy Ward on Obama and Roswell Crash Survivor. by Steve Beckow first published 8th November 2012.

Suzy Ward just wrote commenting on the open letter to Obama. In the course of her email, she said:

“If you saw Matthew’s last message, you know that Obama is totally aware of the presence of ETs.  He can’t announce this because of the ‘power bloc,’ but it’s also ET advice to wait a bit longer so those on the planet can continue to dismantle the Illuminati anonymously.” (1)

But she also enclosed a letter she wrote to Ann Miller, editor of The Star Beacon, published in the November issue, which is very interesting. It concerns the aide to General Nathan Twining, present at the Roswell crash and its aftermath, confessing to the reality of the crash and discussing the fate of one of the galactics who survived it.  Myself, I find these details incredible. Continue reading

John Smallman – SAUL – An Enormous Boost Will Be Applied To Your Individual Energy Fields – 9 November 2011

November 11th 2011 is of great significance, as an enormous boost will be applied to your individual energy fields to mightily assist you with the process of your awakening.  Many on earth who have been focusing purely on the physical or material environment that the illusion provides will receive a sharp shock or jolt that will bring to their awareness a realization that there is much more to life than they had thought.  There will be a large increase in the numbers of people embarking on spiritual quests as they experience “aha!” moments, giving them a sudden intuitive sense of the vast realms that exist beyond the physical and that, until now, they had thought were the unreal imaginings of the mentally unbalanced. Continue reading

Lucas – Adressing Channeling, Negativity, Fear, Publishing And Lightworkers – 9 November 2011

I want to address the problem I have been confronted with in channeling and channels and publishing.

Let me first say what I think that channeling is. As I channel myself since a couple of months and publish now a couple of weeks I can say that channeling for me is a construct that you can feel by heart. The flow of the messages coming true in my mind is that of the person, being or energy manifestation I see in front of me. Those who are coming true first where SaLuSa and Ashtar. Others have been calling in also but are not that clear yet to channel them. The message I verify with my feeling and I am asking my heart if the connection was truthful. I ask the channel also to verify what I wrote. If I get no answer back then that is for me also a sign of not being a good channel and discarding the message. The channelings I publish are sincere and coming from the heart and felt by me as truthful. Continue reading