Lucas – Adressing Channeling, Negativity, Fear, Publishing And Lightworkers – 9 November 2011

I want to address the problem I have been confronted with in channeling and channels and publishing.

Let me first say what I think that channeling is. As I channel myself since a couple of months and publish now a couple of weeks I can say that channeling for me is a construct that you can feel by heart. The flow of the messages coming true in my mind is that of the person, being or energy manifestation I see in front of me. Those who are coming true first where SaLuSa and Ashtar. Others have been calling in also but are not that clear yet to channel them. The message I verify with my feeling and I am asking my heart if the connection was truthful. I ask the channel also to verify what I wrote. If I get no answer back then that is for me also a sign of not being a good channel and discarding the message. The channelings I publish are sincere and coming from the heart and felt by me as truthful.

What I now hear and see happening is that more and more people get a connection with higher beings and spirits and channel them. This is normal because more people have awakened and more have been uplifted in their energies to a higher level that makes this possible. channeling of lightbeings and spirits, angels, masters of light are not spreading messages of fear or will have negativity as a basis. Channelings that tell otherwise are not from the light and are not sincere or pure.

Sincere Channel’s ( the person who the channel is coming trough) are also not having commercial interest as the base of being channeling or are ego based. Yes, some make a living out of it. But that gives them not as lightworkers the right to say that they are the best or only channel that brings the message from a particular being, spirit of energy. Nor do they have the right to judge other obvious sincere channelers.

Yes, there are some people on the net that want to disrupt the lightworker community by posting fake channeled messages and or discreting and negative messages. Does that mean that other lightworkers must ban others who are channeling maybe the same channels as they do from their site, group, forum or blog? I do not think we are as lightworkers here to judge over other lightworkers as they are sincerely channeling. Do I say that you must publish the channels that are (purely) negative or being obvious intended to discredit other lightworkers or sincere channelers? No, I do not.

But I warn those who have the intention of banning or wrongfully ban others from posting the sincere pure channels that they are then stepping into that what is a fear trap. I personally believe they have themselves a hidden agenda. Is there money interest, ego interest, feeling a threat from other channelers that have the same channel or other duality based interest involved then. Yes I think so.

It is not good to be witch hunting some negative channelers or fake channelers and make others in this hunt victim by doing so. You can delete or ban from your site what you want, but think first if you have the right intentions or are doing it for the right reasons. This is a very slippery road you are then moving yourselves on.  So watch your mirrors. It can be backfiring at you in the end.

I will not be  witch hunting but just not allow negative channelings and obvious fake or discreting channels to be published on my blog. If so I will remove them and go on with what I was doing being a lightworker and being in the light and spreading the message of light. For me it is all about the message not the channeler.

Love and Light,


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  1. Thanks from the heart for your sincere efforts and results.