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Kris Won – Commander Sohin – 10 November 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We are entering a new stage in the process of Ascension as a human race on this planet. We could say, without wishing to exaggerate, that the time you are in at this very moment is of enormous importance and as such, will mark a “before and after” in the history of your civilization.
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Suzanne Poulson Spooner – Archangel Gabriel & 11/11/11 – 10 November 2011

You=all of us

November 10, 2011

AA Gabriel

[Hello Dear Gabriel. (Listening to Tom Kenyon’s pituitary attunement for 11/11/11.) ] Hello Suzy, I like this attunement. May I give you some understanding on this momentous day? [Yes, please do! Are you referring to tomorrow, 11/11/11?] Yes. 11/11/11 is only the beginning of planetary ascension. Planetary connection to higher planes is already occurring. However you wish to bring in the sacred energy, you will account for the vibration & frequency adjustment on a grand scale. Universally all in 4th dimension and higher will be attuned to assist you & Gaia. Let your heart & third eye be in control. Open your heart to gratitude that you have imagined a new world of high consciousness and that very soon all the amnesia you entered this life with will fade away. In your meditation be in your High Heart & love all. Now is now.

by Suzanne Poulson Spooner from http://www.theartofuniversalknowing.com/

Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – Weekly Message – 10 November

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love called dedication. This quality requires a commitment to a purpose that has been set forth as a goal to be accomplished and in order for this goal to be accomplished it requires the action and implementation of this quality of Love called dedication. Dedication to a project or a cause requires steadfastness and single mindedness of purpose in order to manifest the intended outcome of the goal into fruition. It requires repeated diligence and effort in order to create a tangible result as visualized and intended. Continue reading

Activating Awakening Codes and Embracing our Divine Merkabeh – Marie Mohler- 10 November 2011

New Earth Blessings and Luminous Light to all! The following are two channelings received from Source and El Morya, about Activating our Awakening Codes and Embracing our Divine Merkabeh, via the 11:11:11 Galactic Gateway and Divine Portal of Light. Continue reading

11.11 11 Message From The Pleiadian Council Of Light – Suggestions For 11.11.11 Ceremonies


 Pleiadian Council of Light comes now with a directive for the 11.11.11 time window on your Earth plane.

We speak to all of you who have stepped out of zombie-land now.

We speak to all of you dear brothers and sisters who have bravely woken up to the reality that you have been controlled, and who have chosen to step outside of the box and let go of the chains that have bound you. Continue reading

Kees – Tomorrow is 11.11.11. – And Ute – Message From The Arcturians – 10 November 2011


It rarely happens that so many different channeled beings are pointing at the importance of a single event as they do for tomorrow, the date of 11-11-’11. Most of you will probably be aware by now that some kind of “Mini Ascension” is to take place then, an upliftment in energy that will affect all living beings on this planet as well as Mother Earth herself.
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Steve Beckow – No Nuclear Attack On Iran is Possible – 10 November 2011

No Nuclear Attack on Iran is Possible.by Steve Beckow via http://www.stevebeckow.com 10th November 2011.

Western powers are banging the drum loudly over their “intention” to bomb Iran. This scenario is an old one, originally part of the triple gem of the Illuminati crown: wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran.  It might be well to review what Matthew Ward has said about the scenario to reassure ourselves that nothing of the sort will happen.

As far back as 2005, Matthew Ward could say that “plans for [invading Iran] are not new.” (1) In his first message of 2008, he said the plans were still active, pointing to “Iraq and Afghanistan, with on-going combat, turmoil and US-installed puppet regimes; Iran, the next nation on the dark ones’ agenda.” (2) Continue reading