11.11 11 Message From The Pleiadian Council Of Light – Suggestions For 11.11.11 Ceremonies


 Pleiadian Council of Light comes now with a directive for the 11.11.11 time window on your Earth plane.

We speak to all of you who have stepped out of zombie-land now.

We speak to all of you dear brothers and sisters who have bravely woken up to the reality that you have been controlled, and who have chosen to step outside of the box and let go of the chains that have bound you.

As you gather together in this accelerated time window (of 11.11.11) now –at this time which is closer to your ascension than any other date that has been on Gaia: –

1. We ask you to group together in circles, following the ancient ways, holding hands in circle; using this method of left-hand-up and right-hand-down that has been seeded into your enlightened circles.

So that your heart energy may flow freely through the sacred circle; so that you may be in heart-to-heart connection whether you are with loved ones or strangers – this brings heart connection onto your gatherings, large or small.

2. We ask that you use the way of the talking stick; that you use this method that was seeded into the indigenous societies that were inhabited by Pleiadian and Sirian beings, even in that time.

This method allows each one to speak from their heart what it is that you chooseon your planet now. 

We ask that you speak of your desires for the planet in the present tense so that you are jointly manifesting in that moment peace and harmony within the hearts of your brothers and sisters on Gaia; that you are manifesting in that moment unity consciousness – the actual experience that you are all one, all sentient beings on your blessed planet and all within the universes also.

3. We ask that at these gatherings you clear your energy field and make your sacred circles and medicine wheels clear through the use of smudging with the sacred sage and other indigenous herbs.

This smoke is used consciously now to clear your energy field instantaneously to set the energy field of your circles; sealing your circles as Archangel Michael would seal your circles with the violet flame – so that you create portals of Light across the globe on this day which have multi-dimensional access from the very core of the galactic centre into the core crystal of Gaia.

As you seal your circles in this way – as you clear your energy fields in this way – you are creating fifth dimensional space; you are in a fifth dimensional portal with us.

4. We ask that you call in the directions of Gaia; that you invoke, rattle, drum and sing the directions into your sacred circle – north and south, west and east.

You call this in so that the elements are present with you – fire, air, earth and water – the elements of Gaia are now ignited with the fifth element of ether as you call in all-that-is-above and all-that-is-below, in this way activating the vertical axis of Gaia in the place where you are, aligning yourself with the galactic centre, and through this with the mind of God-Goddess.

Aligning yourself with the great core crystal, the first dimension of Gaia; activating this axis so that you, in the 7th direction of within, are in your heart space, and your hearts, unified -your One-Hearts activated – are the place from which the words that you speak are manifest in that moment. 

5. The leaders within your gatherings will make invocations. They will speak of the time that you find yourself in, a sacred time-space portal in which energies higher than have ever been accessed on Earth are brought into your dimension.

These energies are gifted to you at the triple date because of your intentions; because of your willingness to step through the veils of illusion and be what you were always designed to be – Crystalline Angelic Beings of Light seeded into the third dimension!

6. We ask you use this affirmation on this day,either singing or speaking it from the moment of your awakening.  ‘Crystalline Angelic beings of Light are we!’  

You use this communal affirmation on this day and from this time forth in order to know and trust within yourself that all will awake – and with your affirmation you assist others into this awareness of yourselves as Crystalline;of yourselves as Angelic; yourselves as Beings of Light seeded into Gaia with the sacred purpose of CHOOSING LIGHT and transmuting yourselves into Beings of Light even within your biological status.

7. We ask you on the day also to sing the OM NEELAMA SHANTI  if this resonates within your heart.

With the OM you are opening your heart in love to Gaia.

With the NEELAMA you are invoking Her great energy from the core crystal, that it may pour through your combined bodies on Gaia – awakening the chakras, awakening the third eye – that you may see through the veils.

And with the SHANTI you are manifesting peace within all sentient beings; peace on your blessed planet, and therefore peace within the universes. 

These are our suggestions dear ones. Simple as they are, they hold unparalleled power. 

And it is not that your gathering will not be powerful or effective or complete without these things, for in truth it is only the gathering together of yourselves that is needed, with clear intention to open your hearts and seed that which you desire to manifest at this time of ascension, but there are many of who have asked for suggestions and guidance.

And you are aware also that when many of you across the globe say the same invocations or affirmations; chant the same sound mantras with the same intention, that this is exponentially powerful,and so the suggestions have been given.

Your future is filled with Light, peace, unity and harmony – and it is your knowing this in the present moment that real-ises it on Gaia now.

We are with you dear Earth people – we are with you in such great numbers that your minds would boggle if you could become aware of the Light beings around you now!

We are with you at your sacred gatherings. We wish you love and great joy on this blessed day.

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2 responses to “11.11 11 Message From The Pleiadian Council Of Light – Suggestions For 11.11.11 Ceremonies

  1. I am so excited about everything that is happening all around this planet, I believe i have over come my nervousness and fear about it all and my trauma and negitive ways, I do not what to show fear; I want to be among LOVE and LIGHT apart of this awakening very much to enter the higher realm so i can help my family and other persons that dont get it we must all change.

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