Lucas – Messages Of Hope, The Pieces Of The Puzzle – 10 November 2011

As I was talking yesterday to some friends, I reflected on the  things happening now. Yes, lots of us are now  having troubles with  duality issues. I have seen friends become  negative filled volcanos that erupted without any cause. I saw on the other hand people who normally were totally out of balance being friendly again. It seems like some show their alter egos now and have to address their own issues.

All this duality business has been tiring for me also as well.   Swept between conflict-peace,  love-hate, light and dark, all that surrounds me is moving. The message I see between this all coming true is that we are heading for a beautiful new beginning. And all the pieces of the puzzle are finding their rightful places again. Piece by piece we get towards our end goal.

I am so excited about this all. Let us shake hands after the weekend and congratulate ourselves for nearly finishing this 3D puzzle.

Love and Light,


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