Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – 12 November 2011

Hello, Ann. This is the Council of Twelve. We are here today to say, “well done!” You have traveled through the portal, and now you are a different being than the one you were yesterday. We can see that you do not see yourself as different, that’s because you’re just you. From your perspective, nothing has changed because you simply inhabit your own consciousness. Does that make sense? This is your new normal, which by definition doesn’t feel abnormal. You don’t see your own growth. But we do. We certainly do. 

We are very heartened by the collective shift that took place yesterday and is still underway. Many of your Facebook colleagues had rather dramatic occurrences, and this is appropriate for whomever experienced such things. Many of you just had a “normal” day, which makes us smile. Not so normal, no. Very, very special.

You can’t see your own light! Because you live in it. It’s just as well this way. You have a lot to do. You don’t need fireworks. Did you notice how well your brain was working while you were writing? You thought you’d accomplish little because your head hurt, but the words flowed onto the page and you knew just how to organize and revise the work. You have more of your brain online now. Enjoy this upgrade. We call you Two-point-Oh! It’s our new nickname for you. Well done, indeed. Your friends on the Council.

Council of Twelve channeled by Radio Ann

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