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Geoffrey West – Occupy Legal System – The Time Has Now Arrived – 13 November 2011

Lucas: I posted this article by Geoffrey on his request.

By Geoffrey West

So here humanity stands, post 11-11-11, and the energies for awakening and transformation are becoming stronger.

The Occupy movement is gaining steam, and is showing no signs of letting of up. Except for isolated incidents, all movements appear to be holding the higher moral ground of peaceful resistance, and tidbits of truth continue to be exposed with regards to police interference in various ways with several of the movements.   Continue reading


Montague Keen – 13 November 2011

My dear, you are living in a time of endings and new beginnings: as more people wake up, they make a stand against the corrupt. It shines a light on the mind control that has been used, and is still being used, to keep you as slaves and under control. The two bastions of control have always worked together but managed to keep their connection secret from mankind. As more information flows out and questions are being asked, they are at a loss as to how to deal with this unexpected situation. They will create ‘problems’ that they hope will take your minds off their corruption. You are now sufficiently awake and aware to refuse to fall for their lies. Remember that the corrupt are finished, so they will attack recklessly to try to hold on to what they have illicitly acquired. They are desperate.  Continue reading

Wes Annac – Feeling the Energy Now!! (Be Happy!) – 13 November 2011

I am learning a very important lesson that is crucial for many of us to learn if we are to progress on our ascension pathways. For the past few days I have been in a bit of a strange place; not really knowing how to act or feel as I perceive what I feel are disappointments and stalls in our growth as a collective and as individuals. What I didn’t realize was that my opinion of the world and the way things are, is based solely on my own perceptions of this world. How I feel about my surroundings will naturally create the reality I am experiencing. I have known this on a mental level, but it takes truly feeling it to understand it more, and boy am I now feeling it! Continue reading

Wes Annac – Let Us – 13 November 2011

Let us now see past this dense third dimensional reality we have grown used to and tired of. Let us look past this holographic reality, to the stars. Let us look to the wonderful realms of Living where we will literally glow with Joy and Harmony, where negativity of any kind simply cannot prevail. Let us look past our own Lives, our own hardships, and let us remember that where we are going will be so very worth the perceived difficulties we have experienced whilst on this world that has served to keep us so very separated from our true reality, the true Heavenly realms of Living that we come from and that we created this dense reality from. Continue reading

The Acturian Group – 13 November 2011

“Marilyn’s Arcturian Group appears first with an explanation of what occurred on 11/11/11 – and  welcome it is. The Group tells us that much did happen but not in a form we expected or that we may necessarily choose.  They explain that many of our concepts of how spirit works were given to us by the movies and TV and are untrue. They talk about a “habit of criticism” and we can certainly see it in ourselves as a society.

They describe ways to interpret what happened and to apply it. They speak of a “new energy” that is “like a soft and gentle rain of light flowing down upon all.”  They remind us that we chose to be born here to do this work; no one is here to save us. We evolve by our own efforts. They suggest that it’s time to move away from relying on the mind and think with the heart instead.  An introduction is meant to assist you to decide whether to read an article or not, not to recapitulate it, so I shall stop here.” –Steve Beckow Continue reading

Lucas – Ashtar – We Are Near Manifesting The Intended Lightworld On Earth – 13 November 2011

Hello my  beloved dear friends,  I am Ashtar with a message for you all on the past 11.11.11 date and what we can expect the coming months.

Let me first tell you that we have been seeing the glorious energies transforming Earth and all of you with her. Our hearts were filled with  joy and happiness about this taking place.

We are near manifesting the intended Lightworld on Earth.


Continue reading

Steve Filkins – A Poem for 11.11.11 – Magic Moment Made For Us

Magic Moment Made For Us
Poem by Steve Filkins for 11/11/11Incense floating through the air
Still clouds; they look like fog
Tom Kenyon’s voice chant sounds so fair
Delicious like egg-nog

Went to a place called Military Park
Hugged every tree I could
And was I crazy? I think not
The feeling I got was good.

A sense of joy welled over me
‘Is that it?’ I exclaimed aloud
My High Self said, “Oh yes, of course”
With that I felt so proud!

“Remember times you felt like this?
When you composed a song…
You placed yourself in such great bliss
That nothing could go wrong…”

I think I understand the point
I thank all who attend
It is this thing I want to share
So all will comprehend

“Oh, that they will in their own time
Relax, and feel it now
For so the feeling of great joy
Reveals the great ‘and how!’”

Church sign says “Burying our Blessings”
Hit me like a ton of bricks,
“So true” I said in my own mind
We look for some great fix.

But there it is in front of us
Created on our own
The magic moment made for us
In tapestry well sewn.


via http://www.aquariuschannelings.com by Wes Annac

Neale Donald Walsch – Believe that it IS possible -13 November 2011

via http://www.theshiftfrequency.com by Gilian link to original article

Neale Donald Walsch | Conversations With God
November 2011

Hello my wonderful friends…

I have been asked many times, how can one create what you, Neale, call “the holy experience?”

Well, the first step is believing that it is possible for you to have it.

Now you may think that this is an elementary step–almost a given. Yet for many people this a very difficult step because they find it hard to believe that any kind of “holy experience” can happen to them. Continue reading

Carl Johan Calleman 11-8-11…”The Mayan Calendar has come to an End”… “Unity consciousness manifests primarily in the absence of relationships of dominance”

Kauilapele : A recent article by Carl just popped in yesterday to my attention field. After reading it yesterday, I felt there were several points that would be helpful to many of us. So I highlighted a few bits. Continue reading

Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve -13 November 2011

Hello, Ann, this is the Council of Twelve. We are here today to say hello and congratulations for your wonderful achievement. You and your friends and colleagues have really done it! You have lifted the world with your spiritual advancement, with the vast opening of hearts and minds that you’ve all struggled so long to achieve. Continue reading