Geoffrey West – Occupy Legal System – The Time Has Now Arrived – 13 November 2011

Lucas: I posted this article by Geoffrey on his request.

By Geoffrey West

So here humanity stands, post 11-11-11, and the energies for awakening and transformation are becoming stronger.

The Occupy movement is gaining steam, and is showing no signs of letting of up. Except for isolated incidents, all movements appear to be holding the higher moral ground of peaceful resistance, and tidbits of truth continue to be exposed with regards to police interference in various ways with several of the movements.  

Perhaps the corporate media is feeling a bit frustrated, because they are looking for any possible story that they can feed on, that will help to discredit this movement.  From two soldiers being injured, and one reported case of a woman dying from an alleged drug overdose, authorities are desperately looking to reclaim their power and authority.

They can’t.

As various authorities attempt to evict, arrest and otherwise persecute peaceful people claiming their legitimate rights to freedom and true democracy, a new strategy can be considered, one perhaps whose time has now come:

Occupy Legal System.

The following defence can be used (at least) in all Commonwealth countries and the U.S.  I know the U.S. still has ties to the monarchy, although I do not know exactly how this would be defended.  Someone from the U.S. would have to research these ties more closely to use this defence in the best context for U.S. rallies.   U.S. people might be wise to visit the following link that explains how the American Bar Association has been exposed.  This opens another possible door for the Occupy Legal System movement in the U.S.:

It is my belief that this information in the above link can be applied to any and all countries that have a Bar Association, since they all are franchises of the International Bar Association, an organization created through the Crown Templar, and is based in, wait for it, the SOVEREIGN territory of London City.  They get to be sovereign, along with The Vatican and Washington D.C.,  with tax-free privileges, but the people do not. 

However, I digress – I return to the original point of this post.  It is easier in Canada and the Commonwealth countries because the oaths of public servants and politicians are to serve the Queen and The Constitution.

The nutshell summary is this:

May 12, 2011 in the UK, there was a ruling in the case of Regina vs. John Anthony Hill that found the defendant acquitted on charges because he successfully argued that the Queen’s legitimacy as monarch has been invalidated because she has broken her oath thousands of times in giving royal assent to man-made laws.

Why is this wrong?  Her oath specifically contained the words that the Queen would do her utmost to uphold the Law of God, which is essentially Common Law.  The bible upon which she placed her hand when making her solemn oath outlined in ‘clear’ terms through the first four or five books of the bible that man-made law was strictly forbidden.

Therefore, in giving royal assent to man-made law, she violated her oath, thus invalidating her authority.

Any public servant having an oath to serve the Queen, therefore has an oath to uphold Common Law (Law of God), and not man-made laws, called ‘Acts’ and ‘Statutes’.  These are not really ‘law’ anyway; they are merely rules that have been given the force of law, and are subject to change on the whim of any person claiming political and/or judicial authority to do so.  – Queen’s authority has been invalidated

These rules however do not fulfill any capacity to ‘serve and protect’, other than to serve the bank accounts of the elitists and protect their interests.

A group of people banding together, and going into court with the argument used in this article would help to create a series of legal precedents that would help give greater weight and protection to all who continue to speak up and stand for freedom, rights and true democracy.

We’re winning the resistance on this front;  I now issue the call to take the resistance into the one field that they have relied on so heavily to protect their interests, and show them that we can now win there too!  I would like to believe that there are now at least some disillusioned lawyers out there who would be willing to use the knowledge they possess to argue a case on these grounds, and help the peaceful resistance gain entry to criminally fraudulent system that has been one of the root causes for this movement that is now rising.   If we are able to take them out in their own ring of protection, I suspect the walls will crumble rapidly after this!

It is now time for Occupy Legal System!

Namaste, peace, love, guidance and protection in the Light!

Geoffrey West

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