Lucas – Ashtar – We Are Near Manifesting The Intended Lightworld On Earth – 13 November 2011

Hello my  beloved dear friends,  I am Ashtar with a message for you all on the past 11.11.11 date and what we can expect the coming months.

Let me first tell you that we have been seeing the glorious energies transforming Earth and all of you with her. Our hearts were filled with  joy and happiness about this taking place.

We are near manifesting the intended Lightworld on Earth.


You have been looking in several directions to find out what this day 11.11.11 would bring you and if you would ascend.  There was a lot of confusion about all of this. I will say to you the ascension path is a personal path. For those ready ascension is possible. For most of you  this path  of ascension has not ended that day. This will not mean  that nothing happened. You all have made also a transition with the new energies from the source coming in. Some time before 11.11.11  these energies have been flowing  in and are still flowing now. On the 11.11.11 date  the energies peaked . You will be integrating the energies within you. Even if you did not “feel” it,  as some said, the energies had an effect.

The energies cause some confrontation with some last duality issues that you really should address. Work on the issues, learn from them and integrate the lessons in your being. Others will be feeling at ease, calm and peaceful after the 11.11.11 date. This feeling can change easily as you are now forced by the new energies to really integrate your being in Oneness. Merely saying I am One with All is not the same as being One in unconditional Love and Light. You have to be the radiant burning torch that lights all that surrounds you and yourselves. You have to be manifesting the Light and Love in everything you do. This is what you have to be working on these coming months.

As I  already have said before progress has been made and things are speeding up as the events happening follow each other quickly. Seeing things trough our eyes and  in our perspective in 5D will let you see that things are far closer to be manifesting themselves than you ever will imagine.  Soon you will all know the truth yourselves.

Do not ponder on the things that have been. Do not think about the future as being far away. See the key to all in being in the now. The now is opening the doors. Manifest the lightworld in the now as already fully established.

Know that the lightworld is  present to assist you all along the way of your own path down the ascension road. If in need, ask for us to help or guide you. You will get help and guidance.

Thank you Ashtar,

Love and Light,



Ashtar channeled by Lucas

(c) 2011 – Copyright of Lucas, all writings, channelings of Lucas only may be published, re-blogged and posted with the name and http:// link to the original article  and or blog mentioned in the article with name of the author/channeler Lucas.

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