Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve -13 November 2011

Hello, Ann, this is the Council of Twelve. We are here today to say hello and congratulations for your wonderful achievement. You and your friends and colleagues have really done it! You have lifted the world with your spiritual advancement, with the vast opening of hearts and minds that you’ve all struggled so long to achieve.

We are like proud parents at a graduation ceremony. We can’t tell you how much you have accomplished. There are really no words for it. All of you have graduated with high honors, summa cum laude!

We would take a picture of you, if it were possible to fit you in the frame. Instead, we bask in the light that emanates from Earth owing to the beams from each heart center. Just fabulous. We’re going to leave it at that today. It’s a day for rest, relaxation and little bit of self-satisfaction.

Go ahead and glow, rest on your laurels. There will always be more work to do, but for today, just enjoy your accomplishment. Love and respect. The Council of Twelve.

The Council of Twelve channeled by Radio Ann

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