Wes Annac – Dealing With The 11.11.11 Disappointment -12 November 2011

The mythical 11.11.11 date has come and went, though the effects of such date are still being felt and will continue to be felt for weeks and even months to come. While we were told (and I very much believe) that many energy portals are now online and have come online on this date, it does seem that as of yet no visible or tangible miracles have taken place, leaving many including myself disappointed and confused. I would like to take a look in this article at some of the disappointment surrounding 11.11.11, as I know I am not the only one to be disappointed by this date. BUT – please do not assume this a negative article, as it very much is not. Yes there are disappointing aspects of 11.11.11 that myself and many others experienced and I feel they do need to be addressed if myself and many others are to move on and grow further. However, the coming and passing of this date with no clear miracles does not mean we need to give up faith altogether. I would like to examine this whole issue by doing what I seem to do best – talk about myself.

First, I would like to take you do the evening of November 10. Many were in immense anticipation of this wonderful date to come that we had been promised many miracles on, by many Divine sources including sources that I myself channel information from. I was in immense anticipation as well, wondering what was going to happen and wondering how the changes were going to be felt by my family and I. I did not know that I would be in for a disappointment the next day, but I also did not know that I would soon realize the reason why I would not be experiencing such miracles that I had expected. You see, I personally did not do a single thing to prepare for 11.11.11 – I planned to spend a few days in a still meditation so I could anchor the energies, but that turned into watching TV and hoping that the miracles would find their way to me the next day with no effort required on my part. I think we could call that my first mistake. 

You see, there was a reason that many channeled and otherwise sources were giving us frequency meditations and all of the other tools that were being offered for us to absorb the streaming energies of 11.11.11 that were coming in. We were meant to show real effort on this date to feel the miracles that were offered – we were not meant to simply be sitting around and suddenly transform into Light beings. Granted, there were rumors of miracles that would suddenly happen, such as the three days of darkness that have still not yet transpired. Part of me completely expected the three days of darkness on 11.11.11, and I truly did feel that I was ready for such a happening. That was just one thing that hasn’t yet panned out, that admittedly disappointed me. I was also hoping to see a dazzling news report of Cities of Light appearing, as I would have Loved to visit Acclipthys without being deep in meditation. (Very soon dear soul, you will all be walking the Golden streets of such majestic and beautiful cities and realms.) Thank you guides.

Anyway, yes I was hoping for miracles that would manifest without any effort on my part whatsoever. I know that was a bit wishful on my part, but I was nevertheless quite disappointed when such happenings didn’t transpire. I know many others were and are quite disappointed as well, and some are looking to give up on this whole ascension thing altogether. This is a subject I would like to talk about in the coming paragraph – my own experience on 11.11.11.

I woke up in the morning to the same old world, same old basement and same old Life. (Though I’m sure I had spent quite a bit of time on Alycone with my friends while sleeping.) I looked on the tv, same old news. No Cities of Light manifested, no perceived ‘darkness’. Nope, same old same old. Ain’t nothin changed! Now, the question was how to react to this, and how to go about my day knowing that a date I had looked forward to for half a year (and for others, much longer) is here with no new happenings in favor of the Light, at least no new happenings that I could perceive from my third/fourth dimensional point of view. I looked on other spiritual websites, and noticed that many of them were decorated with articles, pictures and channeled messages relating solely to 11.11.11. I noticed that for many spiritual sites, 11.11.11 had become somewhat of a holiday it seemed, and while I appreciated the spirit of the whole thing, I was not looking to decorate my site with 11.11.11 related everything, as I was already quite disappointed with the day and knew others would be as well. So I sort of left my site alone, as I do when I do not feel up to posting.

I hit a boiling point in the evening. I had for so long been looking forward to 11.11.11, the big date that had been so very hyped, and now it was here and nothing seemed to have changed! My own sources that I had been communicating with, hyped this day as if everything was going to be different. (Ok, I know I am exaggerating a bit there, but my point still stands) Of course, as mentioned above I had not done a single thing to prepare myself for this date; not a single meditation or anchoring of Love, or anything! Even still, I think the disappointment and bit of anger is understandable, as I like many others truly thought this would be the date to end all dates, so to speak. I truly thought that 11.11.11 meant ascension, in every way. So needless to say I was quite confused and disappointed. I didn’t really know what to think or where to go from there.

So what now?

Do I continue with my spiritual work and with communicating with Divine sources, knowing that there will be many disappointed souls who will be questioning all of this, as I now am?

Do I continue with my personal ascension process, or forget all of this and get a job already?

Perhaps I can continue on with a ‘normal’ life, and once and for all let ascension prove itself to me?

I had thought that perhaps I could do nothing, and simply let disclosure/Resumed Contact and ascension happen anyway, without my help. After all, if it is truly real then it should be happening regardless of what I do, right? I didn’t realize at the time, but this is a bit of a warped perspective. It was also the same perspective that lead to me not experiencing many of the miracles that we all in fact could have experienced on 11.11.11. You see, we are all a direct part of this entire process. 11.11.11 could have in fact seen Cities of Light appearing, if all of us would have put in the intent. Remember Hurricane Irene? It was predicted to be a horrible, terrible storm, and many of us set our sites to sending Love to this storm, to healing it with the intent of reducing the scope of it’s power. And what happened? Irene’s power was dimmed significantly. This is the power we all have, and it is readily available to us at all times, we simply need to tap into it and realize it for what it is!

I think there were too many of us that were expecting 11.11.11 to just deliver us miracles, with no effort on our part. I think many of us were ready to simply sit back, not do anything and let miracles come to us. I also think that those mindsets were the very reason many of us did not experience anything on 11.11.11. Imagine, if we had all gotten together and done a worldwide meditation (all seven billion of us) for the purpose of manifesting Cities of Light. It would have happened in no time! There were in fact plenty of souls who spent 11.11.11 in deep meditation, and did experience many miracles as well as an opening of their lower chakras, and an expansion of their higher chakras. I, however, was not one of them, and so I ‘joined’ so to speak the camp of those disappointed.

So, this was 11.11.11. Many of us experienced mind-blowing meditations and an opening of many of our own torsion fields, many experienced crushing disappointment, and our ascended friends experienced an opening of so many universal torsion fields or energy gates, or whatever one wishes to call them. I think, no I know that the gates that were opened were and are in fact very powerful, and many of us have yet to fully experience the higher energies that are now streaming to us in even more increased purity. To any out there who are so discouraged you are thinking of giving up on ascension altogether: you don’t have to. Ascension is a process, always ongoing, and while the promises that never seem to be kept are frustrating enough, all we can do is move forward with our ascensions. Unless we really want it to, our personal ascensions are not going to stop simply because we are tired of 3D. In fact, that may speed them up! Everything that creates our reality is the very Logos energy that is being brought through the newly opened energy gates, and the very atoms that make up the reality we experience are currently undergoing a significant shift – a shift that we ourselves will be and are experiencing. So really, what is the point of ‘giving up’?

The very notion of giving up says something about what some of us actually think about ascension. It would be easy to give up onsomething one perceives to ‘maybe not be real’ but when faced with all of the mind-boggling evidence that all of this is in fact very real, it seems foolish to think we even can give up on all of this. I mean, of course we can if we wish, but why would we want to? Yes we have dealt with much disappointment, but has it not made all of us stronger? If any wish to give up and stop working toward their own ascension, I say with a heaviness in my heart: there’s the door. You can stop believing in all of this anytime you wish, but just know that even if you choose to give up this time around, you will be back. You will be ascending.

Despite perceived disappointment, we will all be ascending. We are all Divine Logos in manifestation, and at some point we will all be leaving this dense reality that such lower emotions as disappointment thrive in. Why not let it happen this time around?

As I tell you all this, these are lessons that I am working through as well. I was just as disappointed, but it really helps knowing that no matter how events transpire, we will still be ascending away from the very reality that many of us were looking to 11.11.11 to take us away from.

Wes Annac

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2 responses to “Wes Annac – Dealing With The 11.11.11 Disappointment -12 November 2011

  1. kenneth Farlin

    hello Wes, yes I also was disappointed, as I did all that I could do at the time, for I did meditate and was grounded and in prayer but my time was short, for I had to go to work, I would have loved to take the day off from work, but I couldn’t let my work slip by for I was needed and I need to keep a roof and food on the table for my Family, Yes we all need to keep up the Faith and not give up and yes there is so much to be done. I have felt more Energy and feel like there is a burning feeling around my Heart but I don’t let that stop myself from where I’m at today, for I was drawn away from God before but I do Be-leave now, and just because we feel we was let down how can one say this for we never seen God or the Angles Before but all felt that they are there, so for anyone that reads my post, Don’t stop for we all need each other. For lets all strive for World Peace and good will to All.

  2. I was not disappointed. I had a large energy upload at 11:11am and a much smaller one at 11:11pm.
    I lived my day as always but I did celabrate occasionally by chirping, “11-11-11!”
    I was given a more personal perspective regarding my own ascension and this did not disappoint!