Wes Annac – Feeling the Energy Now!! (Be Happy!) – 13 November 2011

I am learning a very important lesson that is crucial for many of us to learn if we are to progress on our ascension pathways. For the past few days I have been in a bit of a strange place; not really knowing how to act or feel as I perceive what I feel are disappointments and stalls in our growth as a collective and as individuals. What I didn’t realize was that my opinion of the world and the way things are, is based solely on my own perceptions of this world. How I feel about my surroundings will naturally create the reality I am experiencing. I have known this on a mental level, but it takes truly feeling it to understand it more, and boy am I now feeling it!

Many who keep up with my writings have undoubtedly read my article on 11.11.11 disappointment, so they would know that I did not yet feel that date and all of the wonders I thought would follow. A dear soul gave me great guidance about this subject: mainly that 11.11.11 was never about Cities of Light or three days of darkness, rather it is and was about the universal torsion fields that are opening and that have come online to send our spirit complexes more and more increased Logos energy. It makes perfect sense that we would not automatically feel the energy associated with these openings, buy boy am I feeling it now! It started last night. 

I was sitting on my bed in front of the TV, one-hitter in hand. (Yes, my biggest weakness is still the cannabis and the television!) When I started to feel something new, something different that felt so very wonderful I cannot effectively describe it. It was triggered by a single happy thought, which makes sense considering that our thoughts not only create our reality, but how we feel on the inside. I was thinking about 11.11.11 and what happened on what was then yesterday (now it was two days ago) when I realized something: the energy has not yet been felt because we are just beginning to perceive this very energy that the torsion fields are bringing through in increased purity, but it will soon be felt, and boy will it!

As I had these thoughts, my emotional self responded with a surge of happiness that I am still having trouble explaining. I was just so very happy!! I could feel AA Michael’s Violet Flame coming through me, and I let it flow with much happiness as I knew that the energy coming through was the very energy that has come through the newly opened energy gates that were the basis of 11.11.11. I let it flow, and it felt so very wonderful!

I noticed that this happened only after I fully accepted the fact that 11.11.11 has come and went with no Cities of Light or anything of that nature, and after I accepted that those were not in fact what this date was about. No no, what this date is about is the very energy I was bringing through my being, and about the residual ‘slap-happy’ effect that has stayed and anchored itself into my very being. Because of myself bringing this 11.11.11 energy through, it has now cleansed my mind and my many diverse etheric bodies to the point that happiness is literally only a thought away!

I am now able to take this happiness and use it to my advantage with my spiritual work. I woke up this morning, the thirteenth, with the goal of posting on this wonderful site of mine and channeling a message from the Ascended Masters, because boy they are great aren’t they? However, when I awoke to do all of this I found I was doing it with a grudging attitude; I was not happy doing what I was doing! I could feel the block in myself; I could feel that part of myself that just wanted to go back to bed and leave this 3D reality. The problem is, that is a 3D attitude! I tried to sit down and scribe some words from our Ascended friends, but I just wasn’t feeling it. They themselves told me, “let yourself rest dear one. You are in no condition to be doing this.” 

I thought they meant this was because I was tired, but now that I look back on it all I realize it was because I was not feeling good enough about doing what I was doing! Happiness is the basis of all spiritual work, right? I mean think about it. One cannot be unhappy performing Divine miracles or scribing words from a Divine source, can they? I would even go out on a limb and say that happiness is the basis of Living an easier Life overall. I know this is such a basic concept for the mind, but try to feel this concept with your Heart, with your emotional body. You will then discover that while mind knows these things, they are more difficult for Heart to enact.

Whenever you are feeling down, sad, upset or frustrated for any reason, just remember that if you were happy, you wouldn’t be mad! Again, simple for the mind, but not so simple for the heart.

I guess the message for this article: be happy no matter what!!

Wes Annac 🙂

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