Fran Zepeda – Message from Archangel Michael – The Light Of Peace – 15 November 2011

Greetings, I AM Michael, bringing tidings to all you brave souls who have taken upon yourselves to being in the light of love. Many of you are discovering the secret to creation. It doesn’t depend on formulas or a set of rules, but merely your intention of love, of joy, of everlasting peace.

Look to your hearts right now, dear friends. What is there? Is there hope? Is there openness? Is there the spark of all creation, of All That Is – that spark of oneness which you are discovering is inherent in you and part of everything? Make no mistake that it is you and only you that can nurture that spark and build it to a crescendo never reached before. Imagine what will happen when millions of you Lightworkers concentrate on that spark and nurture it, focus in on it, glow within it, with all that you are and ever will be! 

Dear friends, you have reached the threshold of happiness. You have it within you. It comes from nowhere but you. Sometimes it may be a whisper, sometimes a roar. Sometimes it shifts within you to a point of confusion and uncertainty. But it is always there and alive within you.

Love is the sustaining factor, dear friends. It exists within each cell just waiting to be ignited. Love is your true guide and compass in all decisions and actions, the all-sustaining essence of life. All that matters is love and what you do with it. It is not meant to be contained or quantified. Absorb it with abandon and dispense it with abandon, dear friends, for peace is in your hands and hearts. You are all my emissaries of peace and love. What you do from this moment on is crucial.

Take the immense in-pouring of light of the last week, and from this moment on make the vow to be and perpetuate the true essence of yourselves. Look inside and recognize the oneness within your heart, that spark within that matches every other being’s spark of oneness until you no longer see a difference in the value of love light there.

I AM Michael and I am forever your loving guide in peace and love.

Thank you, Archangel Michael.
Fran Zepeda

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