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Intuition – or inner guidance – plays a huge role in your life. You rely on it in your daily activities so much more than you think Earthlings. You would be surprised how lost you would be if you woke up one day, and it had left you…

Mind you, most of the time what you receive through intuition has very little to do with what you find in your movies or entertainment – like to retrieve a buried treasure, save the day or rescue someone… or win that lottery so many of you seem to dream of doing.

In reality, intuition is very ordinary, unremarkable on the surface. The “sparkles” are inside, you see…

Your intuition/instincts (used interchangeably here) is an integral part of your inner compass. One important element in a built-in guidance system.

It helps you make better decisions, be more helpful as a friend/ parent/ healer/ colleague… but also leads you to the quiet beauties of life, to reflection, self-care.

For instance, listening to your intuition during your morning walk. You turn left instead of right, changing your routine. No, you are not diverted from a huge accident, nothing bad would have happened to you if you had kept your regular route. However, you would have missed out on something great: like a mother duck and her ducklings crossing the road, a beautiful arrangement of flowers in bloom that you had never seen, because they are not visible from the other angle; a nickel shimmering on the pavement…

All delightful treats that can change the course of day. Like all events that rise your vibrations do.

The everyday is exquisite. Your higher self knows that, and your intuition guides you to it.

And why are We telling you this?

This is a pivotal time for personal power and mastery for your higher purpose and the greater good.

You may or may not have noticed, but your intuition/instincts are becoming more acute, precise. You could say it is a happy side-effect of the recent events.

Even for those of you who regularly rely on your intuition as a great ally may be amazed at the things you pick up now. Everything that you “receive” seems to be more accurate, even if what came to mind should not be correct, it is. By that We mean the chances of you being “right” were very remote, like 0.001% out of a 100, yet you hit the bulls eye. A bit amazing and bewildering.

As a more concrete example, when asked about something, the Messenger had an answer before the question was asked. But that answer was unrealistic based on the circumstances, so she stalled, and gave a bunch of silly answers instead of stating the thought that was dancing and doing cartwheels in her mind.

Guess what?

She was right… Or, more accurately she would have been right if she has allowed herself to express what came to her, even if it was illogical… And she was disappointed in herself for not trusting her own voice. And it was extremely happy news. She wondered why she felt so uncomfortable telling her friend what she “saw”…

The answer is quite simple: She was surprised by the speed and the intensity of what she received. It caught her off guard. She was not expecting to know the answer before it was asked. And she had trouble believing the “unbelievable”. You know, like hearing someone became a multimillionaire the first time he or she bought a lottery ticket.

-“I really have to trust my intuition more.” – the Messenger told herself. “That shift really opened up a lot of things, and I have to be more trusting of myself. Because what came to me felt right. It made me feel so very happy and hopeful.” Still, saying what she sensed felt like jumping into a void. It’s the newness of a well-known feeling that scared her, made her speechless.

That intuition comes in many forms. You may find yourself a better “reader” of situations or people, for instance. Your intuition may lead you to take a different route, or to nest (both gathering specific items to bring home, and retrieving things you have at home – both in plain sight or tucked away somewhere – to transform your home into a nest).

It is about energy or frame of mind. It is very likely nothing out of the ordinary will happen when you take that different route. At least not in the conventional way. Maybe you just needed the change in scenery to find an answer or a solution that had been eluding you. Maybe you simply needed to get out of your routine to discover fresh tracks that would prove to be extremely useful in a project you are working on.

Following your intuition is about going with the flow, even if that flow seems illogical or a waste of time. After all, you are very important, and have very important things to do (We are humouring you), and doing that meditation would just make your more late than you already are.

Maybe so, but that 20 minutes of “intuition indulgence” may help you sail through the day with ease instead of waking up exhausted, fighting with yourself all day, and going to bed so utterly exhausted you can’t even sleep.

You may not understand the message, guidance or lesson your intuition is showing you. It may not make much sense to you or to others – especially “experts”. However, if it feels right/ appropriate/ true – brings you a sense of calmness, peace, certainty – no indication of unease or danger, why not give it a go? The more you trust your instincts and follow them, the better sense of balance you will have, you will know when it is safe to venture out and when you should retreat to safety – even if what you sense is the opposite of what you see.

In a way, the more you trust your instincts, the more you are able to sense/see beyond the appearance, the facade. Whether it is your own, that of others or of the world around you.

And please, do not confuse trusting your instincts with being impulsive. The bodily sensations experienced with both are quite different. In impulsivity, self-control is lacking in a way. Almost as if you are being overtaken by something else, very similar to the fight or flight response. The sense of urgency blocking out both heart and mind. Intuition may be very intense, but you are able to stand still – or keep quiet – if need be. The heart-mind-body connection remain present and accessible.

View this sudden or not-so-sudden opening up as a child who was finally given permission to speak after years of being forced to stay silent. There is a lot of catching up to do if you will. No matter how much you have opened to spirit, you still need to navigate in this man-made world of yours and take care of your duties and obligations.

When you are being flooded with images, thoughts, visions, emotions and directions, it is very easy to get overwhelmed, especially at first if you are not used to it. If you do not pace yourself and keep both feet planted firmly on the ground, the shere amount of information may end up drowning you instead of helping you.

Intuition may not always be practical – by that We mean it can often interfere with the schedule or routine you like to follow – but it should always feel right. The idea, vision or thought that come to you calms you down or feels soothing. It should only feel uncomfortable if you brush the idea aside and decide not to listen to it – for whatever reason.

The reason is simple, your higher self knows something you do not – or something you refuse to acknowledge – and it is bracing itself for the lesson that is to come.

Listening to your intuition can be like skipping a grade (or a lesson). We mean, if you get it and are aware that you do, why sit through experiences you have already lived through? But sometimes it feels safer to stick with the class you know than to venture into the unknown. It is OK to decide to repeat that grade (consciously or not), you will get something out of it still. Either because you were not fully ready to move up or there is one element you needed to reinforce.

So even not trusting your instincts is a good thing… You remember much better when something rather unpleasant happens when you fail to listen to your inner guidance. The next time your intuition screams at you to do something, you will be much more open to listen to that voice.

Often you will say to yourself: “Oh no, I’m not going through this sh*t again if I don’t have to!”

And you don’t.

Remember, whatever you experience through choice allows you to grow. Any perceived setback is only in your head. Why beat yourself up when you have growth to do? A mission to accomplish? You always have to be willing to give to yourself what you freely give others and what you want others to give you. A little self-compassion goes a long way…

Trusting your instincts is about being willing to (seemingly) veer off course. Sticking with your intuition – as opposed to a given plan – expands who you are as a spirit, helps you find your way home.

You are the master of your own life… Trust in your own mastery. That is what intuition is all about.

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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