Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Significance of the 11-11-11 Gateway – 17 November 2011

The life force of this 11:11:11 doorway appears to be 33 in vibration, but alas, it is truly a #44 energy allowing it to unfold into the sacred infinity symbol of 8. The energy of the 33 is the trinity, the holiness within all of your choices. Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul’s evolution. Within this number, you are not allowed to straddle the razor blade fence of indecision.

It is a DNA sequence activation allowing you entrance into the very core of your light. You stand nose to nose with that which represents your light and dark and gray matter.  No instructs, no denials, no walking away from what is truth. The 33 asks you to ride bareback into the sea of denial allowing it to strip you down to the true basics of your nature.

With the essence of 44 you build your future thought by thought, brick by brick. Believe deeply until you see the proof. Hold on through all choices and changes. Stay balanced in what you know to be divine truth and the platform of light will solidify.

The master number 44 brings us full circle to a place of infinity, as what was two becomes one.  With the vibration of 8 we enter the place in thought and energy of ‘As Above So Below And Within.’ This configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all previous limitations. It is a number of going beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries; it is pure spiritual atomic energy.

Within this 11:11:11 gateway the planets Jupiter, Mars, & Pluto line up to create a golden triangle of power, a planetary portal opens to escort us full circle into the truth of our being. Along with this on 11:11:11 four powerful stars in the heavens known as the ‘Royal Stars of Persia’ come to escort us into powerful choices. Regulus in the constellation of Leo, Antares in the constellation of Scorpio and Fomalhaut in the constellation of Piscis Australis. Since ancient times, these three stars along with Aldebaran in Taurus are the four Gate-keepers representing the four Archangels, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel.

11:11:11 the Gateway to all that is riding within a hair of instantaneous manifestation. Letting go of man-made manifestation and coming into Christed Creation. Doorways open doorways close and you are in-between all. Conscious creation with 13 second intervals of thought. Becoming one with the Oversoul in abundant creation of ones innate hearts desires. All of heaven known and unknown enters through this 11:11:11  Gateway. Align with all you know to be love. A flooding of the heart allows you to rise above previous emotional tide lines and the barnacles of the past. Set sail into a heart that is free of debris, free of the definitions of the past. What is good within you has survived the storms and floods. What was darkened has been cleared and polished into a bright light.

You are being reformatted in thought and deed into a place where you can consciously conceive a world that is better what you prayed for. Anoint with this knowledge for a new level of life that has been sequestered bursts forth from your atoms. You are surging with galactic memories and truths that have laid dormant deep within your DNA, waiting for the exact energetic signature to awaken them.

These words have the vibration of 11Light =11

Jesus = 11  Change =29/11 White Light = 65/11, 56/11

Violet Light = 83/11, 56/11



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