John Smallman – SAUL – As Your Issues Break Into Your Awareness, Be Glad!

John Smallman channeler of SAUL via  original published 16th November 2011.

Humanity’s awakening is a done deal; it is going to happen as divinely intended; there are no other options.  The divine energy field enveloping Planet Earth was enormously strengthened and intensified on 11-11-11 to give you all the power and assistance that you need to enter into and complete your process of awakening.  This process is very demanding, which is why you are receiving so much help from so many loving spiritual beings, and their love for you is way beyond your comprehension while you continue to hold on to and support the illusion with the energy of your fears and doubts.  Your fears and doubts are important issues that you need to address and release by opening your hearts to God’s Love Field in which you have your eternal existence.

When you are not willing to open your hearts fully, only the minimum energy essential for your eternal existence reaches you, because God will never override your individual wills, and so you maintain space within yourselves to harbor doubt, fear, and anger – which enables you to sustain, and seemingly remain in, the strange, unreal reality you have built for yourselves.  When you open your hearts fully – and that is what your guides and angels are helping and persuading you to do – God’s Love will fill and occupy you completely, dissolving anything within you that is incompatible with Love.

You are all in the process of opening your hearts fully to receive the infinite abundance of divine Love that God offers you constantly, by facing up to and addressing your personal unresolved issues.  Those basically are: the fear that you are unworthy of God’s Love; doubts about the existence of God; and fear that if He does exist, He will judge you when you lay down your physical bodies in death, and impose harsh and painful punishments on you for your sins and misdemeanors.  Frequently, you are in denial of those issues because they seem too terrifying to address, and so you focus on the horrors imposed by humans on other humans all over the world, and wonder how God (if there is a God!?) could allow all this suffering to occur.  Maybe you even believe that you belong to a country, society, or religious belief system that is good and honest, and that should intervene wherever necessary to stop and prevent all this man-made suffering.

Whatever form your state of denial or repression has taken up until now, you are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain.  Be glad of this!  It is showing you that your shadow or dark side will no longer allow you to suppress it, but is demanding that you acknowledge and integrate it so that you can become whole.  Everyone has aspects that they think are unacceptable, even evil, but that is only because by denying them and fearing them they have imagined them to be something which they are not.  It may even seem that they drive you to think, speak, and act in evil ways.  They do not.  Your repression of them drives you to watch for them in others, whom you then judge and condemn, giving yourselves a brief respite from your fearfully buried sense of unworthiness.

Once you address your issues by acknowledging them and by accepting their presence within you, you realize that they have absolutely no power over you because they are just ideas and feelings, like everyone else’s, that you can choose whether or not to engage with, and this gives you a great and totally justified sense of freedom.  From that place you can reevaluate areas of your lives with which you are dissatisfied, understand why that is so, and then lovingly forgive yourselves for any mistakes or errors that you think you have made. Once you have done that, your need to judge others falls away and you can lovingly forgive them for the errors for which you have judged and condemned them.

You are all divine beings.  Love is your natural state, and by addressing your denials and repressions, you free yourselves to return to that state.  So as your issues break into your awareness, be glad!  Because it means that you have chosen to address and release them, and because there are so many spiritual guides assisting you, it will be far easier than you might think.

With so very much love, Saul.


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